Pakistan's Appreciation of the UAE Support

  • 13 January 2014

The UAE-Pakistan relations are an example of continuously evolving bilateral ties, as it rests on solid foundation and because the two leaderships foster a common understanding on boosting cooperation in all areas. This was emphasized by President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan (may God bless him) during his meeting with Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Saturday, toward the end of His Highness’ private visit to the country. His Highness the President dubbed bilateral relations as ‘excellent and evolving’, affirming “the UAE’s willingness to support the Pakistani people in order to achieve development, stability and welfare in various fields”.

The UAE is a leading supporter of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and has played a positive role in helping Pakistanis withstand various challenges over the years, which has been deeply appreciated in Pakistan. This was highlighted by Mr. Nawaz Sharif who expressed his sincerest appreciation to the UAE for supporting several projects in his country to improve services and offer humanitarian assistance. He commended the wisdom and leadership of President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan (may God bless him), who has led the UAE and its people on the path of development, which has earned it global admiration.

Pakistan’s appreciation of the wise UAE leadership is based on the latter’s firm approach and initiatives to assist the Pakistani people at all levels, especially economically. The UAE was a founding member of the Friends of Democratic Pakistan Group in 2008, which has served as a platform for discussing and formulating Pakistan’s economic and development policies. One example is the UAE Project to Assist Pakistan (UAE PAP) which was launched in 2011 with the objective of helping the Pakistani people to mitigate the impact of the destructive floods that hit the country in 2010.

The UAE PAP is a major initiative for development and stability in Pakistan with a four pronged development strategy of restoring infrastructure, community development, upgrading basic services — such as roads, bridges, education, health and water supply — and succor to the poor, needy and the homeless in terms of food and medical care. Stages I and II of UAE PAP come at a cost of AED one billion and is thus an integral component of UAE’s assistance to Pakistan. The UAE’s focus is on comprehensive sustainable development through building of infrastructure and service projects. This distinguishes the UAE as model fit for emulation at the regional and international levels.