Openness and Development in UAE Foreign Policy

  • 14 October 2009

The President, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, after being presented credentials by 12 ambassadors of Arab and other friendly states the day before yesterday, highlighted the salient features of the UAE’s foreign policy since its formation, which are openness to the world,  developing relations with various countries and blocs of the North, East, West and South, working continuously on building relations on the basis of equality, mutual respect and benefits. His Highness emphasized that the UAE seeks to further promote relations with brotherly and friendly countries, and the State wishes to give the new ambassadors all the support and assistance to facilitate their missions. Perhaps an indicator in this respect is the statement made by President His Highness that coincides with the opening session of the  Administrative Committee for the International Atomic Renewable Energy (IRENA) at the agency headquarters in Abu Dhabi, which hosts 150 representative from 70 countries.

The success of the emirate in becoming the seat for the headquarters of this new agency is a great diplomatic achievement, and is reflective of the UAE’s successful foreign policy which is based on the principle of openness. It espouses international cooperation for confronting common international challenges. The UAE is the first country in the region to become the seat of an international organization which is expected to play a critical role on a highly important issue facing the future of the world. The statement of His Highness, the President, also coincides with the tour of the Foreign Minister, His Highness Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, to Latin America where he has been warmly welcomed. The tour comes as part of the state’s efforts to strengthen and broaden its foreign relations and find new avenues for greater progress and development. The UAE’s economic progress, the exceptional stature it enjoys in the field of development at both the regional and international levels, and the openness that characterizes its society, are all factors that encourage various countries of the world to build bridges of political and economic cooperation with it.

At the same time, the diplomatic successes achieved by the UAE on the external front, directly promotes the goals of development, evolution and progress of the homeland. The seat of the IRENA headquarters in Abu Dhabi presents a perfect example that reflects this reality. There is no doubt that success in hosting this headquarters makes the UAE a focal point for interactions on international renewable energy, which will serve its developmental plans, give this form of energy generation greater importance in its own programs, and work to ensure the provision of all necessary requirements to move forward toward the development of its national capabilities in this field. Thus, international relations of the UAE have in recent years witnessed a major shift that reflects the efficiency of the UAE’s diplomacy and the State's positive relations with different countries of the world.