Need to Answer Sectarian Sedition in Iraq

  • 27 February 2008

Those who recently targeted a Shiite group on its way to Karbala, killing and injuring scores of people, want to raise the specter of communal riots and increase sectarian tensions again, just as the situation seemed to have improved. Terrorist and extremist forces do not leave any place easily and does not refrain from using any means to raise tensions and increase bloodshed. They are aware that a conflict between Shiites and Sunnis would secure their aim. For this reason, they have sought to reignite sectarian tensions even after period of relative lull in the recent past. For this reason, the condemnation of the crime by a Sunni organization in Iraq sent a clear message to those seeking to ignite a sectarian conflict among Iraqis by seeking to target innocent Iraqis in places of assembly.

The most telling blow to those raising the scourge of sectarian riots as well as to the proponents of sectarian conflicts in Iraq has been the unification and solidarity of Sunni and Shiite communities in nation building based on an Iraqi identity, which supersedes all other affiliations and loyalties. Iraqis are now highly aware that some elements are trying to push them into strife and conflicts for the sake of their perverse interests. Therefore, assault on any Shiite or Sunni would be an aggression against the unity, integrity and the national cohesion of Iraq. Terrorism in Iraq targets all parties, irrespective of their beliefs because it plants bombs in marketplaces, carries out car-bombings in public places and schemes atrocities that would claim the maximum number of lives. It does not differentiate between Sunnis, Shiites, Muslims, Christians, Arabs, or Kurds. Therefore, those who recently targeted a gathering of Shiite pilgrims are capable of targetting Sunni Kurdish gatherings as well, as this would promote their aims and objectives.

Iraq has taken important steps recently to overcome sectarian strife, but it still needs to take more steps to put an end to this issue. Undoubtedly, the success of the moves for the establishment of a national government rises above all sectarian considerations. This success will be the most important response to all those who have committed the aforementioned crime and those who seek to wage a civil war in Iraq.