Need for Unified Arab Vision on Regional Crises

  • 10 March 2008

The Arab region is currently facing a critical situation due to the aggravation of several crises and the emergence of dangerous scenarios in the region. Thus, there is an urgent need for developing a united and consistent Arab approach for tackling these crisis and their adverse effects in the near future. No one is suggesting here that by merely developing a united vision that differences in view among various Arab parties would disappear. However, these differences could even help in giving diversity to collective Arab endeavor, and would support it by providing a wealth of ideas and valuable concepts. The important thing here would be to prevent these differences from becoming an obstacle to the existence of an active Arab position on the common challenges facing Arab countries in this period.

The crises facing the Arab region are complex and interlinked. This fact explains why initiatives for resolving these issues have not been successful in the recent past, which underscores the necessity of forging a united Arab position for tackling them. The only way out of this problem lies in the development of an active and joint Arab vision. The second particularity of the crises besetting the Arab region is that though a problem may be limited to a small area it usually takes on a regional dimension. For this reason, these issues need to be tackled effectively through the cooperation of all Arab sides and backed by a strong Arab front, which can effectively execute these visions.

The Middle East holds a strategic and economic importance for the whole world. For this reason, various powers are seeking to exploit the vacuum created by the non-existence of a joint and effective Arab position. There are several examples that confirm this fact.
Undoubtedly, preparations for holding an Arab summit in Damascus by the end of this month provide an important opportunity for parties to unite their forces and reach agreements for bringing about harmony in this joint Arab enterprise. One can find several initiatives being made in that direction and one expects them to be successful. The period before the Damascus summit will witness an important and radical openness on the Arab front, which could put an end to the differences and open a new page in the history of a collective Arab endeavor.