Martyrs of Duty in Defense of Rights

  • 10 August 2015

With each passing day, the brave sons of the UAE, especially those serving the country’s Armed Forces, are showing their persistence in seeking the highest levels of glory, even if that means sacrificing their lives for the sake of their homeland. They stand on the path of virtue and defend our brothers in the face of threats so that the flag of our homeland continues to fly high as a symbol of pride and honor of this great nation.

Our martyrs and heroes – Juma Jawhar Juma Al-Hammadi, Khalid Mohammed Abdullah Al-Shehhi, and Fahim Saeed Ahmed Al-Habsi – have sacrificed their lives with pride while defending the security of the nation as part of the forces participating in the Arab Alliance’s Operation Restoring Hope in Yemen. The operation is aimed at eliminating the evils of subversion and terrorism and has a bearing on the security of our people. It is meant to prevent terrorists from carrying out their evil designs and spreading conflict across countries in the region.

These martyrs will remain symbols of pride for the UAE and Yemen for the succeeding generations. They have answered the call of national and humanitarian duty and responded to the appeals of children, women and the elderly in Yemen who call for protection against indiscriminate bombing being carried out on their cities and neighborhoods by rogue groups of Houthi criminals, their allies the militia belonging to Ali Abdullah Saleh and others coming from abroad.

GCC leaders have repeatedly called the stakeholders in Yemen to choose the path of peace and dialogue. Yet, despite most of these parties accepting the Gulf Initiative and national dialogue, and despite the United Nations’ calls for dialogue to resolve all the differences, this outlawed group continues to disregard the basic values. Their intention is only to spread chaos, destruction, sedition and killings, not only in Yemen, but across all countries in the region.

These rogues and mercenaries should not feel that the lives of our sons will go in vain. Our courageous Armed Forces, which have carried out relief and humanitarian work and have helped refugees and displaced people in many countries around the world, are capable of responding to the needs of the brotherly people of Yemen. The outlaws and militias should be deterred by the fact that our Armed Forces will defend the just cause and fly the UAE’s flag high, ensuring peace and security for the Gulf people, and end terrorism.

This UAE’s determination to support Yemen is meant to safeguard peace, stability and security across the region. This has been demonstrated in the fast especially with the participation of our Armed Forces in helping our brothers in Bahrain and maintaining stability and security in that country. The humanitarian approach of the UAE’s wise leadership and its people, which is driven by love, peace, development and prosperity for all countries, will certainly emerge victorious against the perpetrators of chaos, war and aggression.