Loyalty to the Leader and the Founder

  • 30 August 2010

Sunday marked the sixth anniversary of the passing away of UAE’s leader, founder and teacher, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan – may God rest his soul in peace. On this day, his immaculate soul passed away to the Creator, glad and satisfied, after accomplishing trust, leading the country to peace, prosperity and harmony and after leading the revival of a civilization. Six years have passed since Zayed the giver departed. But he has not been forgotten by Emiratis, not for a single day. Prayers of millions have not stopped; prayers of those he helped; prayers of those whose suffering he eased and those whose tears he wiped off.

He was a leader of historical proportions, counted alongside stalwarts who built their countries with vision, dedicated years of their lives to bring honor to their countries and gave them the position they deserved among the league of nations. They achieved these milestones regardless of the obstacles, problems and challenges. For this reason, their people have kept them in their hearts forever, as symbols of progress, sacrifice and willpower. Sheikh Zayed’c contribution to the UAE cannot be fathomed because he built a nation, laid down the foundation for its future leadership and gave strength to its unity and diversity. Sheikh Zayed believed in the abilities of the UAE nationals to perform miracles despite all odds. He made his compatriots the top priority while formulating his policies, plans and while issuing development directives because he believed that the real wealth of a nation is its people. He succeeded in inculcating values of excellence in them, prepared them to face challenges with persistence and gave them the will to excel in all fields. That is why his memory still invokes enthusiasm for more work and greater achievements.

Sheikh Zayed is not only an Emirati or a GCC figure but someone who transcended boundaries to become an Arab and international leader. He was a role model and a wise leader who called for Arab unity and believed that pride comes through solidarity. He supported Arab causes and engraved himself in the imagination of all Arabs. He always called for peace and worked towards making human beings as a fundamental element in the country’s foreign policy. The passing away of Sheikh Zayed was, and still is, a great loss for the nation, Arabs and the world. However the institutions he built still exist as do people who continue to carry the responsibilities. The President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan has been a worthy successor to Sheikh Zayed who has led the UAE to a position of strength, both at regional and international levels, in accordance with the wishes of the founder. During his era the nation has become a symbol of progress that the entire world is pursuing and a destination for seekers of wisdom and modernity. Great men who have etched their names in the pages of history do not disappear after death. They live through the work they have done, values they have espoused for and the leadership they have provided. The same goes for Sheikh Zayed who continues to live in our hearts and minds as an idol who could defy all odds.