Losing Battle for the Houthis

  • 22 August 2015

Reports emanating from the diplomatic and security sources in Yemen show that the Houthi militia and forces loyal to former president Ali Abdullah Saleh are incurring heavy human and material losses every day. Their morale is down and their balance has become weak especially after they tasted defeat at the hands of Yemen’s troops popular resistance fighters, supported by Arab alliance. The occupation of the UAE embassy in Sanaa by the outlawed Houthi militias and forces loyal to Saleh is undoubtedly a reaction to the huge defeat inflicted on them as the liberation of the capital San’aa is only a matter of time. Having lost their balance, they believe that such acts would enable them to turn the clock back.

Developments in Yemen reveal that Houthis have run out of options and that their chances of retaking initiative are becoming less. They are better off abandoning their tactics and must understand that the UAE’s rights – as represented by the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relation of 1961 and the UN General Assembly Resolution 121/69 concerning measures to protect the diplomatic missions – are not time-barred. The UAE’s efforts, whether in relation to the Gulf Initiative for national dialogue or within the Arab alliance forces, are aimed at ensuring that the brotherly people of Yemen enjoy dignity, security, stability and peace. Its people have suffered poverty and deprivation and aspire for progress and prosperity.

Yemeni people, alongside the Gulf and Arab nations, have confidence in their army and popular resistance forces to restore constitutional legitimacy of Yemen’s President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi and his government. This has become extremely critical following the resolve of these forces to achieve victory in all battles they fought to liberate Aden. They have emerged victorious in their efforts to rid Taaz, Hodeidah, Baida, Mareb, Jouf, Saada, and Dhamar, of terrorists and are getting close to end the conflict and ensure peace and justice. The will to restore legitimacy and restart development is getting stronger by the day and brings all Yemenis together. They are getting closer to liberating San’aa and other Yemeni cities, which will pave the way for restoration of law and order, sovereignty, and constitutional legitimacy while saving Yemen from violence.

The priority of the UAE and other Gulf and Arab countries is to bring Yemen back on the road to security, stability, so that its people’s aspirations of reconstruction and development can be achieved. This has been the main objective behind Operation Decisive Storm and Operation Restoring Hope. If Houthis want to participate in building the future of Yemen, they should stop attacking civilians, comply with international resolutions, particularly resolution no. 2216, and withdraw from the cities they have occupied. They should work within the framework of political and constitutional legitimacy as represented by Yemen’s President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi so that security and peace prevails across the whole country.