Let’s Work to Build the Best Infrastructure in the World

  • 21 December 2013

International institutions such as the World Economic Forum, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, United Nations and others, agree that the UAE is now one of the most distinguished countries in the world on various development indicators. They include the quality of infrastructure in which the country ranks 4th globally. The ranking establishes the efficiency of its infrastructure and its readiness to support various economic activities. This is significant considering that world-class infrastructure is one of the most important factors that foreign investors look at while making investment decisions and choosing potential investment destinations.

Availability of developed infrastructure, as is the case now in the UAE, is a necessary condition for the success of any development process. It gives a decisive edge to the country and helps raise the efficiency of services and public utilities for its people, thereby raising their quality of life. It also helps equal distribution of development gains among various segments of the population, particularly those living in remote areas. It provides an integrated network of services and a level playing field for them just like residents of large cities. Such conditions help private and public enterprises perform their roles in a constructive manner and enable them to develop their businesses in sync with what is going on in the global arena.

Despite the great achievements made by the UAE in developing its infrastructure over the past decades, it has a huge opportunity to achieve even more in the years to come. The UAE can move into top global rankings on important indicators related to infrastructure in the next few years. It already tops global rankings in a number of sub-indices constituting the overall index of the quality of the infrastructure, released by World Economic Forum. The UAE is ahead of the rest of the world in terms of the quality of roads, third globally on the quality of air transport infrastructure, and fourth in quality of port infrastructure. The country is not far from those leading world rankings in other sub-indices related to infrastructure quality, such as quality of electricity supply, mobile telephone subscriptions and the available airline seat kilometers.

Given the UAE’s ambitious plans, including those related to the development of infrastructure, the opportunities to occupy even better rankings globally are increasing. According to EC Harris, the UAE is expected to invest $329 billion to carry out infrastructure projects till 2030. These projects will bring in even better quality and increase efficiency, and propel the UAE toward occupying even higher rankings as per its stated objectives. As of now, we must all actively work together with the wise leadership to achieve the distinction of building the best infrastructure in the world.