Leadership in Government Transparency

  • 27 January 2015

By taking a look at the UAE government’s performance, its plans and initiatives, one can say that it is extremely keen on improving its performance. For instance, it became the first to move from e-government to smart government during the second Government Summit early last year. Several international authorities and organizations applauded this step. Indeed, this has been the motive of many governments, including those in the developed world.

The UAE government, in its efforts to develop its performance and contribute toward comprehensive and sustainable progress, follows several important rules without which no development work can be complete. First of all, it believes that development requires non-traditional, ambitious, and unlimited efforts. This is not tied to ideas or ambitions alone as it is necessary to mold ideas and ambitions to plans and a vision that can be put into effect.

Turning these plans into reality requires incessant efforts as well as partnership with the country’s institutions and individuals. It is also necessary to have continuous follow-up to understand the level of implementation of these plans. Moreover, transparency and clarity are the core principles of success of government work without which neither success nor development can be attained.

The UAE government follows these principles, which help them meet government objectives and institutional efficiency. The country occupied first rank among Arab countries and 52nd internationally as per the Government Transparency Index issued recently by the World Wide Web. The UAE also occupied top rank in the Arab world and was 25th among the most transparent countries around the world, based on the Corruption Perceptions Index 2015 which was issued few weeks ago by Transparency International.

When governments commit to transparency with its underlying values of clarity and openness, they exchange opinion with members of the society and acquaint them with the results of businesses and government investments. They open the road for everyone to participate in evaluating results and give people the chance to suggest solutions. This is how they own the most important tools of success. Moreover, transparency is one of the tools to build trust between governments and people as well as enhance peoples’ satisfaction with their governments.

The UAE’s top rank regionally and leading position in international transparency indicators undoubtedly make it a country that is committed to transparency as a consistent principle in its approach to the society. It shows that it is fully aware that development cannot be achieved without a comprehensive social contribution and that there is no contribution without transparency.