Killing Prospects for Peace

  • 18 October 2010

The Palestinian Authority described the Israeli government’s decision to resume colony-building activities in West Bank, through a tender for 238 new housing units in East Jerusalem, as “murdering” the prospects of peace talks. This accurately explains the reality of the peace process which is getting ceaseless jolts from Israel despite major powers continuously calling for the creation of an appropriate atmosphere for the success of negotiations in achieving their goals. When world powers were looking to clear hurdles to direct negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis the Benjamin Netanyahu government’s decision has dealt a severe blow to efforts for peace and has exposed its contempt for those working hard to achieve peace. This decision has also proved that Israel is not interested in working towards peace and it is obvious that such a thing is not in its government’s agenda.

The evidence of this can be found in the country’s resumption of settlement activities in West Jerusalem shortly after the Arab League Summit in Sirte, Libya. At the Sirte Summit, Palestinian President Mahmood Abbas announced that the authority will not negotiate with Israel unless the on-going settlement activities are brought to an end. He also gave the US administration a month to look into the settlement of this issue. But the Israeli government hastened the death of the peace process by continuing with the recent settlement activities and seeking to impose its own vision and twisted logic on the path of negotiations. This confirms that trying to convince Israel to comply with peace requirements will bear no results because Tel Aviv has its own ideas and goes about trying to implement it. Peace will only be possible in the Middle East if international community and major powers prevail upon Israel to agree to these conditions as it is in international interest in a region of strategic importance to the entire world. However, as has been proved on previous occasions, Israel does not care about condemnations no matter how severe the words expressed were.

If Israel insists on going ahead with its settlement activities alongside the process of negotiations, which is the reason behind the disruption of the process, then this is another one in a long list of Israeli actions that have been against the spirit of peace. This confirms once again that the Benjamin Netanyahu government is not keen to achieve peace. On the contrary it wants to impose Israeli idea of peace on its own conditions aimed at achieving its own objectives. Israel’s support for its own right-wing extremist beliefs is perhaps behind Netanyahu’s persistence that the Palestinian side should recognize the Jewish State of Israel. The indications and the seriousness of these results confirm such a motivation.