Israeli Deception

  • 5 June 2009

It is obvious that the Israeli government is trying to evade international pressure on reinvigorating the peace process, by employing deceptive steps that stop it from fulfilling its commitments and in the necessity of working towards a compromise. This is evident from its recently stated position over the two issues of settlement and siege imposed on Gaza. Israeli reports indicate that Israel is thinking of partially and gradually lifting the siege on Gaza to allow the entry of food supplies before the month of Ramadan. It is also thinking of partially freezing its colonizing activities, even though the whole world is asking it to stop it completely. Although the abovementioned points are small and fall short of Isarel’s real commitments, it is seeking a lot in return both from the Palestinian and Arab parties, and from the international side. Israeli sources indicate that by lifting the illegitimate siege on Gaza is it is seeking leniency over negotiations for the release of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Daniel Ayalon ruled out the possibility that his government would put a freeze on colonizing activities in the West Bank, without receiving something in return from the Palestinians and Arabs. Therefore, it is obvious that the Israeli government is following a particular tactic that refuses to fulfill the commitments it had earlier agreed upon in the resolutions of the peace process, and in the “Roadmap”, and then by making partial concession under international pressure, expecting more in return. This implies that it is trying to renegotiate the terms, and is seeking to extract a lot by taking small and ineffectual steps.

This Israeli deception means that the peace process is left to gyrate in endless eddies to the pint where the terms are renegotiated again. Israel is asking the Arab world and Palestinians to offer more as a price for its minor steps. This last initiative confirms Israel’s backtracking on “land for peace and complete normalization” formula, as Israel is able to gain most benefits without giving back anything serious or fundamental. Israel has been evasive in its commitments, and every new Israeli government refuses to recognize and fulfill the commitments of the previous government, which makes the whole exercise futile and absurd.

The ball is now in the Israeli court, as Arabs, Palestinians, and the whole world waits for Israel to fulfill its commitments, and to stop breaking the international framework that has governed the peace process, from the begging. Israel must also stop violating it and abandon the tactics of deception and should stop imposing de facto situations, because all these dubious methods will not ensure peace and not bring real security and stability either for Israel, the region or the world.