Israeli Challenge to the Will of International Community

  • 3 March 2009

The world and its big powers, especially the US, agree on the need to activate the peace process in the Middle East in accordance with the Madrid Accord. However, Israel seems adamant on altering its course and is challenging the international will as well as the legitimacy of United Nations’ decisions. It is trying to impose its own view on Palestinians and is not listening to international calls. Thus, it is trying to avoid getting into an agreement on the Palestinian issue and on ending the historic conflict between Arabs and Israel. Israeli prime minister Benyamin Netanyahu’s position on the issue of colonies exemplifies this problem. The Obama administration has announced clearly and openly—on several occasions—that it wants all Israeli colony-building activities to stop in occupied Palestinian Territories, in accordance with the provisions of the international peace plan known as the ‘Roadmap’. However, Netanyahu refuses to abide by this call and the building of colonies continues.

The entire international community clearly supports the ‘two-state solution’ to end the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the principle of land in exchange for peace as an essential reference to any effort in order to settle this conflict. However, Netanyahu does not care about any of these and continues to reject the ‘two-state solution’ and the ‘land for peace’ formula. Within this context, and despite international and US pressure, it should be noted that Israel has not changed its position and continues to take a more extreme stance as regards relations with Palestinians and Arab countries. This shows that the world must take a strong and decisive stance against the Israeli government because Israel has shown that it does not care about international recriminations, thus nothing forces it to change its positions or to show flexibility.

The Netanyahu government is trying to trick the world by talking about removing only a few ‘unauthorized colonies’. It is also suggesting that it might relax its siege on Gaza Strip and ease the flow of food and other essential items into the territory. These Israeli maneuvers should not deceive the world because their main aim is to ease international pressure for the fulfillment of its obligations without making any real changes that threaten to blow up the entire Middle East. If the hope in peace vanishes from the region, it exposes it to catastrophic scenarios.