Israeli Attacks on Gaza Strip

  • 2 March 2008

The recent Israeli offensive against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, which has killed and injured scores of people and has indiscriminately targeted children, women and the elderly is carrying out a policy collective punishment that has left the territory facing its worst humanitarian crisis. The Israeli military incursion into the Gaza Strip shows its intent on committing a crime against humanity or a “holocaust,” as was stated by Israeli Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai. One discovers an unusual harshness in Israel actions against Palestinians, fuelled by extremist threats being issued at various levels calling for more killings, destruction, and assaults.

Israeli practices in Gaza are stirring up tensions and violence throughout the Middle East and threaten to derail any chance of progress in the peace process charted at the Annapolis Conference in the US. For this reason, the international community should take speedy action to stop Israel from continuing its attacks. The United Nations should play its required role and practice its legal and historical responsibilities in order to face off this attack. In addition, all human rights organizations in the world should swiftly condemn all of Israel’s attacks in Gaza Strip, which the whole world is watching on television on a daily basis.

Even as an international movement builds up against Israel’s dastardly  offensive in the Gaza Strip, due attention should be paid to the Palestinian political and geographical divisions, which is being exploited by Israel to attack the Gaza Strip and deal with Palestinian territories. For this reason, Palestinian people should bridge their differences, gather their forces and political leaders because the most important response to Israel would be the unification of Palestinian parties, so that they could show that an attack on Gaza is an attack against all Palestinians, irrespective of their affiliations  with the Fatah, Hamas or Islamic Jihad.