Israel Obstructs Peace with Building of Colonies

  • 9 September 2009

As expected, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak approved the construction of 455 new housing units in Israeli settlements in the West Bank in an unambiguous challenge to the international community and its major powers who demand the full freezing of all construction of colonies in order to provide an opportunity to move the peace process forward, which had suffered a stalemate for a long time. This Israeli move attains dangerous implications from the fact that it comes before the start of a new round of talks by US special envoy for peace process in the Middle East, George Mitchell, in the region in an effort by the US to resolve matters for the resumption of peace negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis. This mean that Israel wants to emphasize, through its expansion of colonies in the West Bank, that it is determined to move forward with its construction activities regardless of any international pressure or claims, and that the colonies lie beyond the scope of any peace talks.

At a time when expansion of colonies satisfies extremists within the Israeli government and outside, it concurs with their directives, targets and demands. It is clear that there is a kind of general agreement within the Netanyahu government on the priority of the settlement activity and readiness to accept any pressure to its continuation, because the matter relates to plans and objectives to be achieved, which is to impose a fait accompli on the ground to pre-empt any Palestinian, Arab or international hope on the establishment of a Palestinian state according to international legitimacy and the terms of reference of the peace process, but in accordance to special Israeli standards which is bereft of any content.

Interestingly, extremists and organization of colonists are asking for more colony-building from Netanyahu, despite international pressure.  This means that Israeli aspirations knows no limits, but aims to swallow the largest portions possible of Palestinian territories and the eviction of the rightful owners from their homes and farms by force.

“Peace Now”, an Israeli anti-colonies movement, has accurately described the real situation in its comment on the decision by the Israeli Minister of Defense, Ehud Barak, to expand colonies in the West Bank, which confirms that this decision “transforms the peace process into a political farce,” as such, the international community has been placed in a difficult situation as the Netanyahu government and its supporters of extremists, have blown up all peace efforts and plans since the “Madrid Conference,” because of Israel’s insistence to grab more Palestinian lands instead of avowed withdrawal to pre-1967 status, thus making peace nonsense and worthless. There is a need for a strong international move to respond to the Israeli challenge against the international will that forces Israel to draw back from its arrogance and colonist plans which destroy opportunities for peace and puts the entire Middle East in a difficult situation.