Israel and Defiance of the International Community

  • 24 January 2008

Despite international criticism of Israel’s actions in the Gaza Strip, which includes economic blockade, organized starvation, destruction of infrastructure and killing of innocents, the Zionist state is persisting with its attacks and is indifferent to any condemnation. Israel’s Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni made a clear reference to this fact at a press conference in Herzliya, where she stated that her country would continue its operations in the Gaza Strip, irrespective of international condemnation.

Livni’s statements came at time when the Security Council was holding its session on the situation in the Gaza Strip. This fact clearly shows Israel’s disrespect toward the international community and its disdain for international laws, especially when it is carrying out its policies in Palestinian territories and in the region.

There is nothing new to Israel’s stated position in Livni’s remarks. Israel is well-known for its frequent violations of international law and its indifference to resolutions that validate Palestinian rights. If Israel were to desist from carrying out these violations, the Palestinian problem could find a way for a final settlement and reconciliation. However, the main problem is that Israel continues to reject international legitimacy and keeps on defying it, in the absence of any real international pressure on it for reviewing its policies, and abandoning its aggressive actions. It continually refuses any progress toward peace.

The aforementioned statements of Livni exemplifies cause of the impasse in peace operation since its launch in Madrid. It also explains the difficulty facing all initiatives toward a settlement over the years. Given the fact that Israel constantly refuses to comply with norms of international legitimacy, and does not pay any attention to the condemnations of international community, heeds only its own voice and uses arms, violence, and aggression, any initiative is bound to fail. The prerequisite for any peace process is that it should be based on mutual respect for international law and for all previously agreed references. However, these conditions hold no value for Israel, which always uses military offensives to enhance its position in peace talks or settlement.

Therefore, the key to any real settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict lies in Israel’s respect for international law and its compliance with international legitimacy and resolutions.