Iraqi Unity in the Face of Terrorism

  • 29 June 2009

At a time when Iraq is passing through one of its most critical phases since 2003, characterized by the withdrawal of US forces from major cities since the end of June, solidarity needs to prevail among its various sects in order to actively deal with this phase's benefits and the challenges involved within. At the forefront is terrorism, which has significantly increased its intensity in the recent past. Over 250 people have been killed and wounded dozens of others have been injured in the last week alone, in terrorist bombings that target different regions of Iraq.  It is clear that these terrorist acts are aimed at inflaming the sectarian situation in the country by pushing Sunnis and Shiites to violence and confrontation, as had happened in the past. Bombings seem to be particularly targeting Shiite regions and sites. Therefore, the best response is to promote greater solidarity and unity to ensure that Iraq does not slide into incidents of sectarianism, and dreaded scenario of civil strife. All political and religious forces in Iraq seek to promote sectarian conflict, and it will not respond to attempts by terrorist forces, particularly Al-Qaeda to sever ties between Iraq's communities and races. However, as the draft reconciliation program is still incomplete, many outstanding issues of disputes and differences continue to exist. Forces that do not want the good of Iraq, and work to exploit conditions to achieve its own objectives will not stop trying to worsen matters.

There have to be serious and significant steps toward reaching reconciliation and national consensus on major issues related to the future of Iraq, the nature of its political system and the formation of relations between the sects, until fortifying Iraqi internal front has been fortified against terrorist groups that thrive only in a turbulent and unstable Iraq, especially as indicators show these movements are on their way to the escalation of operations in coming times to demonstrate the inability of the Iraqi forces to ensure Iraq's security on its own after the withdrawal of the US troops from major cities.

All Iraqis should believe that the withdrawal of US troops from major cities represents an important step toward restoration of full sovereignty and independence of the Iraqi state.  Therefore, those elements trying to inflame the country with terrorist attacks before the completion of this US troop withdrawal are working against Iraq, its government and its people, and are also against the well-being of the country. Thus, all Iraqis should stand against these forces, and abort their plans. What brings hope here is that the Iraqi people of all walks of life have become immune to these schemes, and are aware of its seriousness and the evil motivations of the forces behind these attacks.