Investing in the Future

  • 28 November 2010

While inaugurating the Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan Bridge on Thursday the President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan confirmed a number of important development trends that has led to UAE’s progress in different fields. The first directive, he said, is the keenness of our wise leadership to invest in the future and remain prepared to adopt long term plans and strategies. When His Highness said that the UAE shall witness more accomplishments in the future which will place it among developed nations he was affirming that the country’s wise leadership looks to the future at all times. Despite the progress the UAE has made in different fields its leadership believes that what has been accomplished is only a fraction of what its ambitious development process can achieve. It is investing in the future in its path to further enhance the country’s position, give it a distinguished presence at regional and international levels.

Perhaps mega-projects in tourism, industry, health, energy and technology, which have been completed in different emirates, confirm the ambitious development plan that the country and its wise leadership is pursuing. The second trend mentioned by His Highness confirmed the important role of human resources in the development process. He said that “the country depends on the energy of its people to implement its future projects efficiently”. His Highness also affirmed the value of investing in human resources as a pillar of development process. If a country has to possess several elements of comprehensive political, economic and cultural power, then the human element is the most important and influential element going forward. The country does not leave any stone unturned in its effort to enhance its capabilities and provide opportunities for its people to forge ahead and make Emiratis strong participants in the country’s affairs. The main contributing factor in this march towards progress has been the stage of empowerment launched by His Highness the President and his focus on creating circumstances for even greater participation of citizens in the country’s affairs.

The third trend concerns the importance of investing in infrastructure at various levels in order to reach broader horizons. His Highness the President said that the Zayed Bridge is an indication of the country’s determination to continue this march to achieve goals defined in Abu Dhabi’s Vision-2030. He hailed the various infrastructure projects that have already been implemented in Abu Dhabi and called them the building blocks of the comprehensive development process. He also confirmed investing in the future as an important development principle that requires solid infrastructure. Developing infrastructure falls into the category of long term investment that would push the wheel of economic progress forward in years to come. The development directives confirmed by His Highness carries a message of optimism that the UAE wants to convey to the world because it has a sincere, wise and aware leadership that has deep insight into the present and the future.