International Recognition for the ‘Mother of the Nation’

  • 17 October 2010

Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, Supreme President of the Family Development Foundation and Chairperson of the General Women’s Union, is a pioneering role model for progressive women in the UAE and aboard. Her persistent efforts to improve the condition of women and her participation in the development process stems from the belief that no real progress is possible without effective and comprehensive participation of women. Her Highness’s immense accomplishments, her vision, persistence and her belief in the cause have always earned her tributes, appreciation and recognition at all levels both within the UAE and regional and international organizations. The most recent such recognition has come in the form of Values Based Leadership Award from the US-based EastWest Institute, which is an organization of immense credibility.

On the occasion, John Edwin Mroz, President and Chief Executive Officer of the EastWest Institute, spoke about the significant attributes of Her Highness Shiekha Fatima’s accomplishments and the vision that has made her a leading light for those working for the empowerment of women across the whole world. The first of these attribute, Mroz said, is that Her Highness has proved to be a link between empowerment of women and their role in achieving progress. Mroz referred that Her Highness has led a campaign to encourage women in the UAE to work as ministers in the federal government, work in the media and to become members of the Federal National Council. She has launched a campaign to teach young women as she considers illiteracy as the first obstacle to progress. The second attribute – which has been part of the framework supporting the status of women – has been maintaining the unique traditions of the UAE.

Through her work in the Family Development Foundation Her Highness has worked for the empowerment of women and children while maintaining family values and culture at the same time. Maintaining the uniqueness of culture and civilization has been a distinguished feature of the development agenda in the UAE and stems from self confidence and the belief that these particularities do not stand in the face of progress nor do they prevent development but instead they help create development models in compliance with the spirit of the society. They are also a response to the needs of the people and enjoy their acceptance. The third attribute is that Her Highness’s efforts are not confined to the UAE alone but extends to other Arab countries and internationally. That is the reason why the endeavors of Her Highness to promote women have become a source of inspiration for all those working in this field across the world.