International Position on Terrorism

  • 19 January 2015

Even though we are well and truly into the third millennium our existence, some regions around the world continue to witness extreme forms of violence. Such acts contradict the basic essence of any civilization and violate the spirit of dialog between different faiths. This also violates the principles of tolerance and human values. International community and human rights organizations have always condemned mindless acts of violence such as those that claimed lives of several French citizens. International community is aware that such acts of violence have nothing to do with any particular religion or culture and that extremism cannot co-exist with faith. These events are linked to terrorism and violence, are meant to create lawlessness and occur due to lack of civil ethics.

International community, countries and governments around the world agree on the need to make laws that criminalize terrorism and hostility toward cultures in order to safeguard social security, human principles, and respect of human rights, especially those underlined under the United Nations. UNESCO has always shown keenness to prepare the ground for a dialog between civilizations, cultures and people based on respect for mutual values. Through this dialog, the world can build a vision which guarantees human rights and mutual respect, which preserves human dignity, establishes peace, and promotes cultural diversity. This can be achieved through proper upbringing, education, sciences, culture, literature, art, information and communication and other activities related to the society.

Extremism doesn’t acknowledge an individual’s rights and ideological, cultural and religious freedom. This makes it imperative for all of us to confront fanatics and terrorists by helping build a culture of tolerance, peace and dialog and rejecting all kinds of provocation and violence. Otherwise, security and reconciliation efforts will fail. Protests condemning acts of violence are part of the solution. But, the most important part is a unified international position to tackle the phenomenon under the auspices of the UN. This necessitates laying down rules and regulations and formulating laws to criminalize extremism. It also calls for identifying terrorist organizations in the manner the UAE did in November 2014, in order to end this scourge and spreading the spirit of love, peace and reconciliation among all human beings.