International Appreciation of the UAE Nuclear Model

  • 19 January 2010

The legal and institutional frameworks established by the UAE for its peaceful nuclear program, with its clearly enunciated directives, objectives and reasons and the approach it has adopted to reach the stage of construction of four nuclear power plants in collaboration with a leading South Korean company at a cost of $4.20 billion has been widely welcomed in the international arena. The UAE’s legitimate nuclear aspirations and approach has been duly appreciated by the International Atomic Energy Agency and the major powers of the world, particularly by the US which has signed a bilateral cooperation treaty with the country in the field of peaceful nuclear energy, as well as other countries that have offered to cooperate in this regard.

Perhaps, what most distinguishes the UAE’s approach in following the peaceful tack of nuclear energy is the acclamation it has drawn not just at the official level, but also at the intellectual and media levels, particularly in light of the maturity and responsibility shown by the UAE in the pursuit of it its nuclear program, and the keen diplomacy it has displayed for the purpose.  In this context, comments published in the recent edition of the Pakistani magazine Defense Journal is noteworthy, which states that the international community has deemed the UAE’s nuclear program a good example to emulate as it underlines the UAE’s commitment to international standards and to the highest levels of safety and security. This program, in itself, provides a means for combating the threat of nuclear proliferation and has become a model for other countries of the region in showing the futility of pursuing nuclear energy in an irresponsible manner.  In the same context, British newspaper Financial Times drew attention to the UAE’s skilful diplomatic management of its peaceful nuclear program, and commended the UAE’s diplomatic statesmanship which succeeded in fulfilling the international conditions for developing nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. In this regard, it noted the role of Minister of Foreign Affairs His Highness Sheikh Abdulla bin Zayed Al Nahyan, which allowed the UAE to block attempts of the ‘Israeli lobby’ in thwarting a nuclear agreement with the United States.

The UAE always introduces a “model” for its developments, and does not take any step without conducting through study and planning, and is armed with transparency, credibility, seriousness and responsibility in its regional and international approaches, in order to achieve its objectives. This explains its success in convincing the world of its policies, in gaining its confidence and cooperation, and its ability to manage its peaceful nuclear program. Undoubtedly, the positive image of this country at the international level has been the result of many years of responsible policies and positive initiatives in serving the cause of peace, stability and development in the world. The UAE’s prudent and confident diplomatic moves have played a vital role in making its nuclear program a model for other countries to emulate, particularly those who wish to avail nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, without the risk of increasing nuclear proliferation.