International Appreciation for ‘Mother of the Nation’

  • 17 October 2010

Honoring of Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak Al Nahyan, Supreme Chairperson of UAE General Women’s Union and of the Family Development Foundation, as Extraordinary Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) recently is another addition to the numerous awards, appreciation and recognition granted to her by different international organizations over the years. She has been bestowed with these awards for the prominent role she has played in empowering the UAE and Arab women. The other recognition, extended to her recently, was the Values Based Leadership Award by the US-based EastWest Institute in recognition of her incessant and consistent support for the woman of the UAE and the entire world.

Perhaps what makes the FAO honor very significant is that such an appreciation is granted to the women celebrities across the world who contributed to helping women, improving their conditions and empowering them in all fields. FAO Director General Dr Jacques Diouf praised the efforts made by Her Highness in supporting women issues at regional and international forums and her persistent role in women’s education, eradication of illiteracy and other initiatives concerning women’s rights across the globe besides supporting women’s rights in the Arab world.

Such international awards brings recognition to all UAE women and are token of appreciation for what have been achieved by Her Highness on the political, social, economic, educational levels. They are also an acknowledgment of the great and influential role that women play in the UAE’s march towards progress to a level where it has become a model to be followed in the Gulf and the Arab world. This is obvious considering the prestigious position occupied by UAE women in political, economic, social and cultural spheres. Their presence in these areas proves that they are capable of providing leadership and carrying out responsibilities assigned to them with extreme efficiency. It is this ability that puts them at the forefront of all national endeavors.

Naming Her Highness as Extraordinary Goodwill Ambassador in the presence of ministers of environment and representatives of more than 192 countries reflect its international nature and shows that there is a high level of gratitude for the distinguished efforts she has made not just for the UAE and Arab women but also for defending women’s rights across the whole world. She has added a new dimension to the uplift of women and has launched several important initiatives in this regard. Perhaps the most notable initiative has been the Fund for Refugee Women, which is a campaign to help refugee and displaced women and children around the world.