Indicator of UAE’s Strength in the International Arena

  • 2 July 2014

A report published recently by the Daily Telegraph on the strongest passports in the world ranked the United Arab Emirates as the first among Arab countries on the scale of the strength of its travel documents, considering that its citizens are allowed to enter 72 countries without a visa. The strength of a country’s passport stems first and foremost from the power of the state and its influence on the international arena.

Hence, the strength of the UAE’s passport shows the respect and trust the UAE enjoys across the world. In February this year, the European Parliament approved Schengen visa waiver for UAE nationals. Remarkably enough, the approval was passed by a majority of 523 out of the total 577 members. This shows the degree of acceptance for the UAE in the European continent, which has opened the doors to its citizens without any hindrance.

The report highlights several basic factors, first of which is the strength of the UAE’s economy and its pioneering development experience. Various countries are today eager to enhance its relations with the UAE and have opened their doors to its nationals for investment, education and tourism. Second, the UAE and its people are characterized by moderation and openness toward different cultures and civilizations. This creates a level of trust in the behavior of its nationals wherever they travel as they are products of an open and moderate society, where there is no room for intolerance and extremism.

Third, the UAE has enjoyed good reputation in regional and international arenas for its political positions, which are characterized by wisdom. The country takes positions that are orientated toward peace, security, stability and development across the world. The country also stands for its pioneering humanitarian approach that gives it a unique place in the hearts and minds of people around the world as harbinger of goodness that stands for solidarity.

Another factor has been the vitality and efficiency of the diplomatic community whose efforts are the reason behind such a large number of countries allowing UAE citizens to enter its territories without a visa. Finally, this should not be viewed merely as a decision to allow UAE nationals to enter these 72 countries without a visa. It also speaks highly of the high esteem the UAE nationals enjoy anywhere they go in recognition of the nation to which they belong and the positive values it represents.