Important Stage in History of Afghanistan

  • 20 August 2009

The second presidential election in Afghanistan since the overthrow of the Taliban in 2001, which is scheduled for Thursday, represents an‬ important milestone in the country's history on which the future of the Afghanistan and the outcome of conflicts between various extremist forces depend. Today’s elections mark an important political test for the Afghan political experience as a whole, given the large number of candidates vying for the top position and the various issues surrounding it. The test also comes in the form of the security threat posed by the “Taliban” movement, which is threatening to bomb polling stations and warning people against going to vote. It has already killed several people in bomb blasts in recent days. Additionally, the elections would also test the popularity of the democratic experience among Afghan people and its ability to positively influence their lives, the future of the country and the greater willingness to challenge the threat of terrorism.

The ‘Taliban’ movement understands that the electoral process, both presidential election and state assembly elections, would contribute to the promotion of the democratic experience, its dedication and deepening in Afghanistan, and would provide more vitality to the political system. Therefore, it is strongly seeking to oppose and impair it. Each time the political process moves forward, the influence of extremists forces decreases, whose existence depends on chaos and instability as well as a continuation of civil strife. Hence, the success of today’s elections constitutes a big blow to the Taliban and other extremist elements in Afghanistan.

The holding of elections in Afghanistan today, under increased threat posed by the Taliban movement,‬ has gained due attention in the world, and donor states have provided about $220 million to cover its expenses. The European Union has sent‬ observers to monitor this elections along with several other relevant international groups. On the international arena, these elections are seen as the most significant milestone in the global war against terrorism. In light of the difficult conditions prevailing on many levels, Afghanistan needs ‬a strong political, economic and security support because war has been raging in the country for too long, which is also part of the global war against forces of extremism and terrorism. Nevertheless, any external support could not be effective without proper framework and strong domestic institutions that have the support of the Afghan people. This is what gives today’s elections great importance as it involves the support from political institutions and its constitutional references.