Important Recommendations for the Future of Education

  • 21 September 2013

The Fourth Annual Education Conference, organized by ECSSR on September 17-18, under the generous patronage of His Highness General Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces and President of the ECSSR, came up with a set of important recommendations for the future of education in the UAE. These recommendations were meant to create a system of education that is based on innovation and knowledge production.

The recommendations made during the conference included: strengthening the culture of innovation and creativity in science, technology and mathematics; formation of a panel for financing scientific research in the UAE; enhancing proficiencies of graduates as per labor market needs and focusing on quality rather than quantity. Proposal was also made for electronic integration of universities, encouraging public-private cooperation and implementing scientific research besides opening educational institutions in the UAE to those in advanced countries, paying attention to higher studies and increasing the number of citizens holding PhD especially in modern sciences.

During the two days of the conference prominent international scholars, experts and officials belonging to the education sector in and out of the UAE, held discussions on the subject and made important recommendations based on their experience and scientific research. These recommendations are the outcome of conferences organized to discuss matters related to the present education system and its future in the UAE. Such events keep officials and concerned authorities abreast of developments taking place on this vital issue. The conference furthered the discussions held over three such meets organized since 2010 that have discussed its various aspects and offered solutions to the problems facing it.

Selection of ‘Innovation and Knowledge Production’ as the title of the conference reflect the awareness that exist with regard to rapid developments taking place in the field of education around the world. These developments have made the production of knowledge vital, especially considering the nature of education system that is needed in the UAE at present and in the future. This plays an important role in the UAE wise leadership’s plans to develop a knowledge-based economy and its ambitions as part of the Vision 2021, which aims to make the UAE the best country in the world by its 50th anniversary.