Important Historic Moment

  • 21 January 2009

The United States of America lived a unique moment in its history at the inauguration of its 44th President, Barack Obama, amidst huge celebrations witnessed by millions of people around the world that testify the importance of the event and its huge implications. Although the US president comes to the White House and the international political arena at a time of a tumultuous economic and financial events, many dangerous conflicts and tensions rage across the world. In addition, a set of fateful challenges confront humanity—such as environmental issues, nuclear proliferation, terrorism etc. The approach Obama enunciated in his election campaign and in his inaugural speech raises hope that coming times could see coordinated and synchronized international action for confronting all the challenges and problems, with the United States leading the way because it remains the mightiest and most influential country. President Obama confirmed in his speech that the United States will assume its responsibilities as a world leader, and would work on confronting international problems wisely, through permanent alliances and convictions and will not ignore the crises taking place outside its borders and would support poor nations. This promises a new phase in international relations, which would be based on cooperation and dialogue, after tensions and conflicts witnessed in recent years prevented coordinated and effective international action toward confronting international challenges and crises, which led to their escalation.

The inauguration of President Obama raises hopes among Americans because it renews the American dream in their hearts and reconfirms the inspiring US ideals. It promises a period of cooperation and agreement at the international level. The Arab and Islamic world looks at the new US president with a lot of optimism, hoping for a new era in relations between the US and the Arabs and Muslims, especially as he stated in his inaugural speech of taking a “new road” in relations with Muslims, based on mutual interests and respect. This direction raises our hopes in a new US policy toward Arab and Islamic crises and issues that would help achieve security and stability in the Middle East and promote development, coexistence and dialogue. It is hoped it would restore human rights, particularly related to the Arab–Israeli conflict that manifested itself even as President Obama was moving to the White House.

The United States is a great country at the international level. Therefore, any change that comes to it generates large international interest. Undoubtedly, the US plays a primary and central role in building any real, substantive and effective international action in order to confront the dangers that surround humanity. The highly positive international reception to the arrival of President Obama to office endorses this fact and presents a historic opportunity for joint action for the building of a better world, which is safe, stable and developed.