Important Diplomatic Venue

  • 28 December 2009

On a single day (last Saturday) the UAE received both His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Saeed of Oman and Lee Myung-Bak, the President of the Republic of South Korea. This was preceded by the visit of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to Abu Dhabi, on December 21, which was the starting point for his Gulf tour. These high-profile visits to Abu Dhabi exemplify the world’s confidence in the UAE’s wise leadership which is interested in listening to its views and perspectives on regional issues. This becomes all the more important in the present challenging circumstances in the Middle East.

The acknowledgment of UAE’s role in these affairs is not a recent phenomenon. Several positive and wise decisions taken by the UAE’s leadership over the years have enhanced the country’s image as a fountainhead of moderation and wisdom in the international arena. The other reasons are the UAE’s influence within the region, its impact on regional affairs and its efficient diplomacy that has proved to be capable of handling the most complex and sensitive issues in recent years, thereby leaving clear imprints at all levels. The successful bid to host the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) headquarters has been a great accomplishment for the UAE diplomacy. Also, the UAE is keen to open its doors to everyone and has diversified its political and economic interests across the East and the West. Its political moves in recent years confirm that the country’s decisions have been marked by awareness of the situation and a long-term strategic vision. Also, the successful model of development adopted by the UAE at different levels elicits a lot of interest abroad and encourages different countries to benefit from the economic and technological cooperation in this domain. Perhaps the South Korean President’s visit falls into this category as the country seeks to cooperate with the UAE in various fields, especially in nuclear and renewable energy. Figures indicate that the total volume of Korean export to the UAE stands at $3,705 million in 2007.

The UAE is a beacon of stability, peace and development in the region and the world and is central to building a unified Gulf that faces common challenges. This makes the country vital to any discussion on collective Arab action and future of the region and is also the primary venue for deliberations on cooperation. In light of these, it seems natural that the UAE has become a central of political activity and dynamism.