Importance of Preserving Doha Agreement

  • 25 May 2008

The “Doha Agreement,”  which was signed recently among Lebanese factions, has laid down the basis for Lebanese national accord, and the resolution of a political crisis that has lasted 18 months. It has helped in the revival of state institutions, and it is heartening to note that Lebanese Parliament is scheduled to elect the country's new President today. This election would put an end to a prolonged phase of instability and political vacuum  that had bedeviled the country since the former president, Emile Lahoud, had vacated the high office. This would bring a huge sigh of relief, both within and outside Lebanon, as the breakthrough has offered a lifeline  to everyone involved, and it is now important that all sides hold on to the cord firmly. Undoubtedly, the reaching of an agreement was a major event in the wake of difficult circumstances, but the importance of any agreement lies in its implementation, which places an enormous responsibility on various Lebanese factions, especially as there are many issues that have recently started to surface and could cause differences and disputes in the absence of a real political will to overcome them or deal with them. It is important that the Lebanese political forces do not haggle over minor points in the agreement to spoil the rare delight that has come to the Lebanese and Arab peoples, as it would be very difficult to rise from another relapse of the Lebanese political situation. Everyone should participate in overcoming their political and sectarian differences, which had accumulated over several months. Therefore, the election of a new president today could usher in a new phase of national reconstruction.

The Doha Agreement was the result of collective Arab effort that demonstrated a political will to succeed. It is important that this effort continues to help Lebanon in implementing all provisions of the agreement, and in protecting it from any fluctuations. In this context, the confirmation of Qatar that it would continue its effort to make the Doha Agreement successful is highly encouraging because the Arab role does not stop at the forging of an agreement but also extends to its implementation in different phases of its implementation.

In coming times, Lebanon would require the support of all Arab, regional and international forces that have welcomed and promised their support to the Doha Agreement, so that its provisions are translated into actions and policies.

Some people had feared that the Doha Agreement would never come into existence, but the political will of the Lebanese and Arabs made it a reality. This political will should be further bolstered to take the agreement forward in order to address the apprehensions of those who are still skeptical about the future.