Immense Popular Support for UAE Hosting Expo 2020

  • 26 November 2013

The immense support from the public will continue to encourage steps taken by the UAE’s wise leadership to achieve all-out development. The UAE’s case for the hosting of Expo 2020 is one such example in that it has received immense public support as illustrated in the results of recently released Dubai Statistics Center (DSC) survey, with more than 99 percent of respondents (64,800 persons) endorsing the UAE’s bid to host this international event.

These remarkable findings by the survey are significant in many ways:

First; they underscore the exceptionally strong relationship between the leadership and the people – a fact driven home by many respondents taking part in the survey. The respondents represented a wide cross-section of society ranging from senior officials, businessmen, scholars, artists, athletes and regular persons, in addition to governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Second; the remarkable response to the survey indicates high level of public awareness on vital issues and developments, and their willingness toward shaping events and the future of the nation. The DSC report has revealed the spontaneous inputs of social networks users who urged others to interact with, and promote, the UAE EXPO 2020 application.

Third; results show that majority of respondents are highly confident about the UAE being selected for hosting Expo 2020, which points to public recognition of the great developments accomplished by the UAE in terms of advanced infrastructure, communication grids, information technology networks, highly conducive business environment, adept legislation and executive rules, high level of political stability, peace and security in addition to rich societal relationships – factors that guarantee a perfect environment to render EXPO 2020 and similar world events successful.

Fourth; results of the survey reflect huge public support for government strategies and initiatives, not just related to Expo 2020, but for all strategies formulated by the country's organizations, which indicate the public’s unflinching confidence in the UAE's wise leadership at the local, regional and international levels politically, economically and socially. It was this confidence that helped President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan (may God protect him), His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, Their Highnesses the Rulers of the Emirates and Crowns Princes to serve the nation with utmost dedication and to achieve national aspirations.