IDEX 2009: Significance and Implications

  • 22 February 2009

The 9th edition of the International Defense Exhibition and Conference (IDEX), which President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, will inaugurate today (and which will last till February 26) is of great importance and significance. Its importance lies in the fact that it shows how the UAE has become a leader in the field of organizing the biggest exhibitions, and has been able to attract international participation, by virtue of its impeccable expertise and experience in the specialized field. The present exhibition, which features 897 companies from 50 foreign and Arab countries, drew the biggest ever participation since its launch in 1993. Moreover, its total area has been expanded by 49% and thus it is now possible to organize all of its activities in one place for the first time. Secondly, this massive participation at the exhibition by leading companies specializing in defense equipment at the international level confirms international confidence in the UAE economy, its pioneering economic experiment, and its ability to hold and organize the greatest events. Certainly, this would boost confidence in the UAE economy at a time of global economic and financial crisis and conforms with the vision of the UAE leadership which the President, His Highness has referred to in his speech to The Emirates News Agency (WAM) at the time of holding the conference. This vision that is embodied in transferring the Emirates into a regional center of the international economy to be the forerunner and pioneer in scientific, technological, industrial, investing and economic fields. Thirdly, the exhibition—though it focuses on military technology—has a peace mission for the whole world. The UAE believes that real peace should have the potential to confront prevailing challenges, and that peace should be espoused from a position of strength in order to confront the risks. This approach lends importance to the exhibition that specializes in defense-related technology. The UAE has always been a proponent of peace and mutual understanding because the UAE realizes that peace is the foundation of development and progress. Fourthly, the exhibition provides an annual venue for the meeting of defense companies and experts from around the world as well as the Arab region. Therefore, it is a premier international forum for exchanging views on the best ways of confronting the dangers that threaten world  peace and stability in the light of a spike in the sources of danger in the international and regional setting. Therefore, IDEX represents UAE’s role in enhancing global security and stability. Finally, the exhibition presents a great opportunity for the UAE Armed Forces familiarize itself with state-of-the-art defense technologies at the international level and actualize the leadership’s vision of developing Armed Forces and supplying them with all the resources for defending our homeland and safeguarding its gains.