Greater International Appreciation of the UAE

  • 6 December 2009

The United Arab Emirates enjoys significant international status on the political, economic, media, intellectual and public levels. The 38th National Day festivities were an important occasion to show this appreciation through words and deeds. This was explained by statements made by leaders, politicians, journalists, intellectuals and artistes in different countries of the world who praised the UAE, its leadership and the model it represents. The high level of participation at the UAE embassies on this national occasion was also the manifestation of popular appreciation and support extended by different people on the regional and international levels towards the country and its people.

In this context, the ultimate tribute was paid by NATO Secretary-General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, who during his meeting with His Highness Sheikh Abdulla bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Minister of Foreign Affairs, in Brussels recently praised the UAE’s role in maintaining security and stability in different regions of the world and stressed that the country’s security is of strategic importance to the Alliance. The spokesman of NATO said that the Emirates has been disseminating the values of tolerance and cooperation and is making efforts to alleviate the suffering of people all over the world by providing aid and assistance. He also praised the UAE’s role in Afghanistan. In a message published by the Emirates News Agency (WAM), His Majesty the King of Bahrain King Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa praised the Emirates’ achievements which are the results of the wise policies of its leaders, stressing that the gains made by the country are commendable. The Foreign Minister of Yemen said that the Emirates is a unique model that deserves praise and admiration.

The celebrations marking the UAE’s 38th National Day led to the recognition of the country internationally, both at official and popular levels, for its wise policies and balanced approach to both domestic and global issues. Such an approach has earned respect, appreciation and admiration for the UAE all over the world. The UAE has not reached this position of strength from nowhere. It has come after years of painstaking efforts and wisdom that made progress and welfare the top priority for Emirati citizens. The leaders also enhanced the role of peace and cooperation in solving problems despite challenges to its progress, stability and development.

The country has extended a helping hand to all the vulnerable sections without any discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion or gender. It has contributed effectively to serve regional and international stability and has created a strong development model which has become the world’s focal point due to its diversity, the ability to move forward while effectively dealing with challenges. The UAE and its leadership received several tokens of respect and appreciation on the occasion of the 38th National Day. This confirms that the path taken by the state for itself since the beginning is the road to peace and development and is the way it continues to move on, motivated by its huge ambitions, self confidence, wise leadership and unflinching unity.