Global Humanitarian Role of the UAE

  • 8 April 2010

The United Arab Emirates has become a major contributor to humanitarian efforts at both regional and international levels as a result of the vast contributions it has made in this field. The country is known for its prompt response to international humanitarian needs and has won accolades for the speed at which it offers assistance in areas of conflict and disasters or those under difficult financial conditions. The United Nations World Food Programme (UNWFP) has revealed that during the last four years (2006-2009) the UAE offered more than $10 million to eradicate hunger around the world and participated in various humanitarian programs. According to UNWFP, UAE is among the league of countries with a pivotal humanitarian role showing a work ethic which drives continuous progress at the institutional level or at various other functions.

Tributes paid by the UNWFP to the UAE resonates with statements made in this regard by other countries, organizations, civil institutions as well as regional and international aid agencies. They appreciate the country’s role in dedicating aid and initiative to strengthen the values that are badly needed in the world. Such an approach has become all the more important because of the challenges societies across the world face and the danger they confront. The magnitude of crises in today’s day and age is large and extend to political, security as well as economic domain. Natural disasters that hit the world every now and then worsen humanitarian situation in various parts of the world and constantly need effective international contributions. Because of its own cultural background, the UAE believes in the unity of human destiny and maintains that people around the globe, irrespective of the their race and culture they belong to, must be offered a helping hand to confront life threatening challenges and difficulties. The country holds a firm belief that the real cultural value of any state stems from the volume of its contributions to improve the quality of life for people in any part of the world and its role in the cause of peace, goodness and development.

Since its inception, the UAE’s approach towards humanitarian initiatives has been based on three main features. The first is a genuine and principled approach to foreign policy which has been in place since the days of late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and has been reinforced and developed during the rule of President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Secondly, in its humanitarian contributions, the country does not discriminate between people of different religions, ethnicities and sects and extends a helping hand to everyone without exception. Such an approach has made the UAE a model of kindness which earns appreciation for its people across the globe. This has been made possible due to the financial and other assistance provided by the UAE to various international organizations or through its humanitarian and charity organizations that play a role in offering assistance to the vulnerable all over the world.