Gaza Needs Immediate International Action

  • 8 January 2009

In the wake of the ferocious and full-scale Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip that Israel insists would continue indefinitely, in spite of international calls for a ceasefire, the tragedies of Palestinian people in the Strip have been steadily rising, with the number of dead and homeless increasing in a dangerous and frightening manner. The time between two massacres in Gaza is only a few hours apart. This critical situation requires quick international action for an immediate ceasefire to put an end to the massacres in Gaza that has become a top priority for the international community because the Israeli killing machine is continuing the bloodshed and Palestinian lives are being lost by the minute.

Various international and regional efforts are underway to broker a ceasefire in Gaza, and many proposals and suggestions have been mooted in this respect. However, Israel is trying by all possible means to scuttle these efforts to gain more time while its military machine continues to kill and destroy, and for this reason it is demanded from the world should not allow Israel to buy time, or try to invalidate proposed solutions of this crisis. The aggression must be stopped now, all subjects negotiated and discussed, and Israel must not be allowed to exploit the lives of the Palestinians as a bargaining chip.

The Red Cross recently confirmed that the Gaza Strip is in the grip of a “complete humanitarian crisis,” a matter that was confirmed by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), and many other concerned humanitarian organizations in the world. However, Israel does not care about this situation, and it insists on increasing its barbarity  in complete disregard of its actions. It is ready to commit the most horrible of crimes against civilians and places of worship and education. It even wants to undermine the safe havens of the United Nations in Gaza. This was clearly evident in its targeting of a Palestinian school run by the UNRWA that led to the killing of over 40 people who had taken refuge in the school to protect themselves from the foray of bombs and rockets.

Israel is violating all international laws in its savage aggression on the Gaza Strip, and it does not care about any laws and conventions. For this reason, the only hope for the unarmed population of the Strip is that the world acts swiftly and forcefully in order to exert real pressure on Israel to accept a ceasefire without delay. Experience shows that Israeli violence knows no bounds, and that it cannot be contained by any legislation, and nothing can stop it except a strict stance of the international community that prevents the Gaza tragedy from turning into a blemish on the face of humanity, and a black page in the history of the entire world.