Fundamentals of Happiness and Satisfaction in the UAE

  • 24 July 2013

A study by the Middle East’s leading job site, in collaboration with an independent consultant firm YouGov, has revealed that the UAE ranks the happiest country in the region in many attributes, including general safety and security, availability of entertainment avenues, availability of public utilities, stability of political environment, opportunities to socialize, access to healthcare facilities, availability of public transport, general infrastructure, and availability of employment opportunities. It is common knowledge that our wise leadership leaves no stone unturned in ensuring welfare for the community.

Prosperity in the UAE is the result of the vision of President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan (may God protect him) who has placed nationals on top of the list of priorities and main target of development plans. The UAE has become one of the fastest growing countries in the world in terms of economy, social and comprehensive development. This prosperity is enjoyed by citizens and expatriates alike. As part of the UAE’s Vision 2021, the government’s 2011-2013 strategy is aimed at providing the highest possible standard of living to its citizens.

This strategy includes ensuring a decent standard of living by overhauling the system of education and health and by focusing on community development. Accordingly, the master development plan has been focused on improving living conditions in terms of consumption and services, to achieve social justice and secure prosperity for generations to come by allocating an increasing portion of income for investment purposes. The aim is to secure a steady growth and rising income, which has made the UAE a leading nation on human development indices at Arab and international levels.

The UAE has also developed a civilized vision for the improvement of human rights in the country. Its Constitution ensures equality, social justice and civil and religious freedom. The country has taken several initiatives to improve legislations in line with its commitment to the principles of international declaration of human rights and international agreements. The UAE’s wise leadership also takes keen interest in engaging with various segments of the society and in listening to their needs.

The government, on its part, is striving to provide the best services possible to its citizens. The UAE’s society stands for peace and respect of privacy. Women are respected and efforts are made to empower them politically, academically and socially. Children also have their share of the government’s plans so that they are brought up the right way. The UAE also respects the rights of workers who are seen as partners in the process of development. They are provided proper accommodation as per international standards. All these attributes make the UAE a happy nation.