Foreign Policy Based on Dialog of Civilizations

  • 22 December 2010

During a ceremony to receive the credentials of 13 ambassadors of Arab and other friendly countries, the President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, reiterated the salient features of the UAE’s foreign policy which is based on the principles of the dialog of civilizations. His Highness said the policy has gained acceptance on both regional and international arenas. His Highness’s references suggest that the UAE is keen to extend bridges of friendship and cooperation with people of different religious faiths and wants to support tolerance and dialogue while maintaining noble humanitarian values.

His Highness’ call for religious tolerance and dialogue reflect his deep understanding of international relations and its great challenges in the face of attempts by some powers to push different religions, cultures and civilizations towards the so-called “Clash of Civilizations” which has become one of the main features of the 21st century. The UAE is convinced that civilized and cultural exchange could be an important factor for supporting relations among nations and it cannot be a reason for clashes and fighting. It believes that positive interaction between people of different religions, nationalities and cultures could spread an atmosphere of peace and stability in the whole world and can also support political, economic and cultural ties between different countries.

The UAE and its wise leadership has always urged regional and international players to support dialogue among civilizations based on acceptance of each other, by respecting beliefs and sensitivities without harming each others’ interests and by abandoning fanaticism and extremism. The country has expressed this on several occasions and continues to condemn tendencies of hatred among believers of different faiths. It believes that such dangerous practices draw the world into hazardous conflicts for which the world has already paid a heavy price at different phases of history. Moreover, the world cannot confront challenges of global scale without collective action, common vision and cooperation.

The President His Highness’ emphasis on the importance of religious tolerance and dialogue are symbolized by the presence of dozens of nationalities within its territory and the coexistence of various religious and cultural groups in peace and harmony. It is a confirmation that when values of indulgence, acceptance of others and respect for cultural affiliations prevail then intolerance and extremism vanishes and is replaced by moderation and openness, stability, peace and security. The spirit of coexistence that a large number of people demonstrate in the UAE has an important message for the world of disputes and crises.