Essentials of Successful Government Performance

  • 1 August 2015

The statements made by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai (may God bless him) – while reviewing the results of indices designed to evaluate the performance of 45 federal government agencies – highlight the essentials of the success of government performance in the country. His Highness said that government performance improvement requires constant evaluation to implement the national agenda and strategic plans, towards achieving UAE Vision 2021.

His Highness also indicated that performance evaluation and follow-up are constant practices of the UAE government. The aim of these practices is to improve efficiency of government work and to elevate the quality of services offered. The ultimate objective is to make the people happy and to fulfill their needs and aspirations in the most efficient manner. Performance evaluation and follow-up are the most essential components for government efficiency as they help achieve success for government strategies and plans in various development fields.

The UAE’s wise leadership is always keen to strengthen this approach to make it a benchmark for its move towards achieving UAE Vision 2021. Constant assessment of performance shows developmental administrative thinking with high level of awareness and insightfulness. Improving government performance depends not only on important requirements such as good planning, financial resources and advanced technology but also prudent administration. One of the most important elements behind successful administration is to have evaluation and constant follow-up to know the actual levels of performance and their targeted levels.

Upgrading government systems and making them advanced is another key element in successful and effective performance. His Highness Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum articulated this idea by saying: “We believe that [if we want] to achieve the best results which meet our aspirations towards reaching the top ranks globally, we should evaluate and upgrade our work plans and priorities regularly”. Improving government work and expanding its services are among the UAE’s main priorities. This is evident in the numerous initiatives launched by the government, towards achieving this objective.

Among these is the Sheikh Khalifa Government Excellence Program, which seeks to empower the UAE government sector to achieve excellence and distinction in its performance, services and output. This can be achieved by applying an international standard of excellence and by launching a range of development initiatives, to enhance the culture of innovation, discipline and distinction among all government sector personnel.

The UAE Award for Excellence in Government Performance contributes effectively to empower the federal government employees and to enhance their participation in positions of responsibilities in government work. This award helps ingrain culture of innovation and excellence in the minds of employees to give their best in the service of the nation and to achieve the ambitions and aspirations of the UAE’s people and leadership.

Furthermore, the UAE makes immense efforts to develop the nation’s human resources, to improve the skills and potential of the employees working in government departments. These programs augment the capabilities of the entire federal Emirati agencies and support their readiness to embrace more initiatives for improvement and expedite the progress towards excellence and distinction. All these initiatives and efforts stem from the belief that human resources are the main element in the improvement of government services.

This explains why the UAE is considered a pioneering example in government work. The country’s standing is shown in well-known international reports. According to these reports, the UAE ranked 1st globally in the index measuring people’s trust in the government and the economy. According to 2015 Edelman Trust Barometer, the UAE is also ranked 1st globally for its government’s ability to motivate innovation. There are many other indices which confirm that the UAE will be among top nations in the world by 2021.