Encouraging Creativity

  • 19 May 2010

Creativity leads to a nation’s renaissance in all fields and paves the way for its ambitious people to work towards a brighter future. That is the reason why our wise leadership gives special attention to creative people. This approach is borne out of a conviction that in this era of competition, creativity and innovation can add real value and contribute to quality substantially. The UAE Appreciation Award for Science, Arts and Literature – given away by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan to a number of prominent UAE nationals recently – was a confirmation of the wise leadership’s appreciation of the distinguished citizens, who are intellectuals in their own fields, and his way of providing help to these individuals. The statement made by His Highness on this occasion was an expression of his vision of progress and the way he seeks to honor excellence. He affirmed that the UAE will extend support to all creative people so that they realize their full potential. This will not only enhance their experience but will also be an incentive for future generations to make their own contributions in the country’s march to progress.

The words expressed by His Highness have major significance and explains his determination to extend all possible support to these talented people and giving them the opportunity to develop their innovations in a way that brings greater prosperity to the society. The other major significance is that the acknowledgment of creative output brings accolades to these achievers while an honor from the state itself makes it obligatory for all people to contribute positively. This is also an effort to make such people an example and inspiration for the next generation.

The honor given by His Highness in the form of the UAE Appreciation Award for Science, Arts and Literature is a reflection of the country’s interest and its wise leadership’s keenness to encourage excellence. This keenness was also reflected in the large number of awards that were granted in various fields all of which were dedicated to a culture of excellence, positive competition and a confirmation of the loyalty of the people towards their nation. These awards are a token of appreciation for those who make it to the distinguished list of businessmen who have made sacrifices to reach this position. It is a way to make them understand that their achievements are being supported, encouraged and appreciated, which motivates them to work even harder and achieve even greater heights. Ambitious and boundless progress in our young country demands innovation and creativity and that is the reason why our wise leadership seeks to support them and nourishes the culture that encourages creativity.