Effective Roadmap for Yemen’s Recovery and Security

  • 21 May 2015

The Yemeni people, Arabs and the international community have pinned great hopes on the implementation of the roadmap, which has resulted from the ‘Saving Yemen’ conference, which was held in Riyadh on Tuesday. The conference was attended by various political and social stakeholders in the country. The objective behind the conference was to support the constitutional legitimacy of President Abd Rabbo Mansur Hadi and restore security, stability and prosperity for the people of Yemen who have suffered as a result of the coup staged by Houthis and their allies. Yemen is in the midst of problems such as terrorism, lack of food and medicine, disruption of water and electricity services and is in urgent need of restoration of legitimacy and normal life.

The optimism for quick implementation of this roadmap arises from the consensus that emerged among various Yemeni political and social stakeholders who defined their goals, principles and points of references at the Riyadh Declaration. Most notable of these was maintaining security and stability in the country, rejecting the coup and its consequent changes, recovering the looted weapons, extending the power of the state, deterring leaders behind insurgency and moving toward a federal government, which preserves sovereignty and integrity of its territories. Political forces also unanimously agreed to implement all sections of the Riyadh Declaration, the outcome of the Gulf Initiative, National Dialog and United Nations (UN) Security Council Resolution No. 2216 concerning Yemen, as well as treating these as legal and international points of reference which cannot be ignored.

GCC countries have always maintained that Yemen is an integral part of Arabian Gulf security. The UAE reaffirmed to President Abd Rabbo Mansur Hadi – during the meeting on Tuesday between H.E. Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al-Jaber, Minister of State and Head of UAE delegation to Riyadh conference – its unwavering and humane positions with regard to the security, stability, and prosperity of the brotherly people of Yemen. The UAE also reiterated its support for the legitimate rights of the Yemeni people, the outcome of the National Dialog aimed at building a modern state of Yemen, the rejection of coup against constitutional legitimacy and interference in its internal affairs. It emphasized the importance of restoring constitutional bodies and establishing legitimacy as contained in the UN Security Council Resolution No. 2216.

The keenness to implement the Riyadh Declaration, the outcome of its National Dialog and international resolutions related to Yemen’s security and stability, will ensure a new national army with a combat doctrine which will enable it to extend its control, safeguard Yemen and its people from insurgents and outlawed militias. This will also ensure achieving the goals of the UAE, Gulf and international humanitarian relief campaigns across all territories of Yemen, preventing external interference in its domestic affairs, and eliminating Al-Qaeda affiliated and other terrorist organizations.

The motive behind all this is to safeguard the larger interests of the nation and its security, which should always be its top priority. The initial steps toward the implementation of the Riyadh Declaration – which started on Tuesday and led to the reorganization of the Yemeni Armed Forces and the formation of new military brigades – renews confidence in the will and determination of the Yemeni people to weather this crisis and restore legitimacy, security and stability in the country.