Education and Integration for People of Determination: A UAE Priority and a Global Model

Since its establishment, the UAE has prioritized the development of its people, responding to their essential needs, taking into account individual circumstances and capabilities, in order to remove any impediments to the full realization of their rights. From this perspective, the UAE has made significant efforts to empower people of determination, at all levels, whether educational or practical. Moreover, the state has identified key challenges facing people of determination, and provided mechanisms to address these difficulties, with special emphasis on the country’s aspiration to offer equal opportunities in education.

As the education of people of determination is a fundamental right and a vital part of the development process, the UAE has focused its efforts on ensuring their social integration and participation in all areas. The aim is for people of determination to equally contribute to the nation’s development by taking up their rightful role, acquiring the skills, expertise and knowledge necessary to shape their own future. This can be achieved through integrated education that guarantees people of determination a decent life, in accordance with national initiatives and strategies that seek to provide them with appropriate educational services. This also reflects the UAE’s progressive vision of becoming one of the best countries in the world for the integration of people of determination.

Educational institutions in the UAE give high priority to people of determination, ensuring the right to education for all in society. Within this context, both public and private schools provide appropriate pedagogic support, while taking into consideration the diverse needs of individual students, through a clear policy on how best to support people of determination. This is in addition to a comprehensive strategy that outlines ways to prepare these students at educational and psychological levels, supporting them in becoming productive individuals with the potential and skills to participate in the nation’s sustainable development. Furthermore, educational institutions are continually developing plans to maximize their ability to integrate people of determination within their classes, in line with the Ministry of Education’s policy of integration.

The UAE has not neglected the development of educational services for people of determination; it has always sought to equip its citizens with the skills they need. In this regard, the state makes every effort to explore the latest techniques to improve the quality and performance of educational and rehabilitation programs for people of determination, to make their lives easier. This is demonstrated by the UAE’s efforts to provide educational services aligned to the capabilities of people of determination, launching initiatives and projects in schools that are tailored to them, in addition to increasing the number of classroom places in specialized schools in all emirates. In this regard, the Department of Education and Knowledge Abu Dhabi has announced an expansion plan for the Mohammed bin Rashid Center for Special Education that will see it accommodate approximately 293 students. This expansion plan is in line with the UAE’s efforts, policies and strategies to support people of determination, ensuring the success of education and integration policies.

The UAE has also recently underscored the importance of concerted efforts to overcome challenges imposed by COVID-19, particularly regarding education processes. It is among the leading countries in addressing this issue, thanks to its strength in undertaking distance-learning measures, offering appropriate solutions to ensure the educational rights of all students, despite precautionary measures taken to curb the spread of the virus. In this regard, the UAE created the Kheta platform to provide various services to people of determination across the country, ensuring high standards and efficiency, in addition to facilitating the provision of educational programs that students can easily access at home with their families.

The UAE places great importance on people of determination, and considers their education and advancement a high priority to be given the utmost support. This paves the way for outstanding achievement by people of determination, in many areas, as they honor the country worldwide.