Education and Development in the United Arab Emirates

  • 26 October 2015

The Sixth Annual Education Conference – Education and Development: Towards A Modern Educational System in the United Arab Emirates – to be organized by the ECSSR, will get underway tomorrow (Tuesday, 27 October). The two-day conference is part of its conscious efforts to give attention to education on the road towards progress and its role in the UAE’s comprehensive development. This is also consistent with the UAE’s policy of special emphasis on education development.

The ECSSR is always keen to play its part in developing and modernizing the country’s education system. Since its inception in the mid-1990s, the Center has allocated a large part of ​​ its activities to discussing this vital issue. Apart from the research and books published by the Center, the annual education conference has been the cornerstone of its efforts in this direction. Observers of the conference, since its first edition in 2010, maintain that the ECSSR has made significant contribution towards shedding light on the reality of education and accurately diagnosing the most important problems and challenges facing development efforts.

Since beginning, the major focus of the Annual Education Conference has been on the future of education in the UAE as it believes in the importance of education to the future of nations. Education is also critical for achieving comprehensive and sustainable development. The 6th Annual Conference on Education focuses on the link between modern education based on innovation and creativity to comprehensive development. The conference will discuss initiatives and strategies for the development of education in the UAE and its relationship with modern education systems.

The conference will also look at the global trends that ​​link education with development and the role of scientific research in supporting development in light of the challenges facing the UAE. It will analyze how global competitiveness of Emirati research institutions can be enhanced with the help of the private sector. The conference will also address the role of vocational education in the UAE, focusing on successful experiences, particularly of Germany, and identifying obstacles to vocational education in the UAE. Addressing these issues has helped the developed world over the years.

Consistent with the UAE’s focus on development, the ECSSR, in its 6th Annual Education Conference is dealing with the subject of education, taking it beyond mere development process to cover cultural dimensions. The conference will also include a panel discussion on the role of education in promoting positive values ​​in the society such as sense of belonging, patriotism, consolidation of identity and social solidarity. Modern societies need these values particularly considering the spread of extremism and terrorism around the world, which threaten stability, security and cohesion.