Editorial: The UAE Supports Brotherly Nations in Good Times and Bad

The UAE always stands by brotherly Arab countries, the first to celebrate their achievements, consistently collaborating with fellow Arab nations to support their success. The UAE is also at the forefront of efforts to lend assistance when its friends and allies face hardship. In these endeavors, the UAE does not aim to serve narrow interests or boost its national image. Its main purpose is to stand by those in need, mitigating their suffering and helping them overcome the impact of crises.

When Beirut was devastated by the explosion at its main port, leaving hundreds dead, thousands wounded and causing widespread destruction, the UAE was the first to show solidarity and lend assistance. The UAE rapidly mobilized food and medical supplies for the people of Lebanon, who were already suffering amid an unprecedented economic crisis that has caused record poverty, unemployment and inflation, fueling public unrest and political tension. These events had already severely undermined efforts to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The port blast was therefore psychologically and economically devastating. The UAE’s actions underlined the strong brotherly ties between the two countries, emphasizing that friendly nations always remain in the hearts of the UAE’s leadership and people, and that the UAE will never waiver in its humanitarian obligations toward them.

The UAE established an air bridge with Lebanon, organizing a regular flow of relief supplies to the people of Beirut, which demonstrates the UAE people’s strong support for humanitarian values. Through this effort, the UAE sent a message to Lebanon; that it will always remain a faithful friend and will never hesitate to fulfil the obligations of the brotherly ties between the countries. The UAE’s actions are a direct result of the values promoted by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan (may God rest his soul in peace). These values are supported today by the UAE’s wise leadership, promoting philanthropy and charity among UAE citizens. The UAE leadership has harnessed considerable resources to provide a decent living for its citizens, alleviating poverty and unlocking their potential. As a result, the UAE’s aid has been able to reach vulnerable communities across the globe. It confirms that philanthropy still prevails and those who follow in the footsteps of Sheikh Zayed will always provide a helping hand to their brothers.

The UAE’s efforts to support Lebanon are not limited to the assistance provided by the government, they extend to the country’s world-class logistics infrastructure, which was made available to various international relief operations. Emirates Airline operated more than fifty flights to Lebanon, transporting emergency relief supplies, and for the past three months, has coordinated the transportation of food, medical supplies and other relief items, provided by non-governmental organizations from all over the world. International Humanitarian City in Dubai has become a coordination center where aid destined for Lebanon is stored and distributed. This logistical support ensures assistance arrives at its destination as quickly as possible. Within two days of the port blast, for example, International Humanitarian City had organized two cargo flights carrying more than 30 tons of relief supplies. These included 12 tons of medical supplies from the World Health Organization, and 18 tons from the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. It is a gesture that shows this blessed land will always reach out to provide a helping hand to those in need, saving lives and healing wounds wherever needed.

The UAE exerts huge efforts to provide wide-ranging support to the Arab people. It utilizes its capabilities to mitigate suffering wherever it occurs in the region, and seeks to improve the standard of living for those in need, putting all it has achieved in terms of development and progress at their disposal, because it views the Arab world as a mutually supportive society. The UAE looks forward to achieving more stability and well-being for the Arab people, and a more prosperous future for the next generation.