Dismantling the Perception Built by Extremist Groups

  • 30 June 2015

Considering the growing threat posed by extremist groups and their destructive ideologies to the peace, security and stability in Arab and Muslim countries, it has become necessary to confront them. The Ramadan lectures organized by the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research (ECSSR) are significant steps in this direction. The lectures are aimed at dismantling the perception built by extremist groups, expose their false slogans, and highlight the positive values of Islam.

The first lecture of the series – The Homeland in Islam: Between Shari’a and the Claims of Extremists – was organized last week. The lecture highlighted some of the destructive ideas being propagated by extremist groups such as negating the sense of belonging to the homeland, national identity, and sovereignty. These misinterpretations were refuted during the lecture and the importance of the sense of belonging and loyalty to the homeland was emphasized as a value promoted by Islam.

The second lecture of the series will be delivered this evening (Tuesday). The lecture – Empowering Muslim Youth in the Face of Destructive Ideas – will focus on an issue of major significance for Arab and Muslim countries, at a time when extremist groups are targeting the youth and leading them astray for destructive purposes. This can potentially lead to collapse of societies. Therefore, empowering the youth and raising their awareness on threats facing security and stability is top priority. The third lecture – Islam’s Approach in Dealing with Negative Social Phenomenon – will be delivered next week.

The events taking place during Ramadan this year reflect the important cultural and intellectual roles being played by the ECSSR, which organizes lectures and symposia dealing with issues of interest to the UAE and the region. They also demonstrate the ECSSR’s vital role in serving the community in the UAE as well as GCC and Arab countries. These events come at the right time because of the growing threat of extremist groups, which are trying to impose their distorted views on societies.

Since its inception in 1994, the ECSSR has sought to be an innovative intellectual forum, examining and analysing issues and developing future outlook, thereby serving decision makers in the UAE, GCC and Arab countries. With its Ramadan Events, the ECSSR is keen to discuss issues related to peace and security, help counter extremist perceptions, and safeguard the youth from their influence. These events are in line with the UAE’s efforts to counter extremist elements by refuting their destructive ideas and highlighting Islam’s positive values and encouraging the youth to observe them. This will ensure that Arab and Muslim societies are protected against the illusions built by these extremist groups.