Directions of Development for the Future

  • 6 August 2009

The President, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al-Nahyan (may Allah protect him) inspected tourism projects on the islands of Saaydiyat, Yas and the Raha beach in Abu Dhabi day before yesterday. His Highness shed light his approach on development and the fundamentals of cultural progress witnessed in the UAE in various fields.


The first important observation that the President made was that the development process is directed toward enhancing the human capital. He said that these projects were focusing on the interests of citizens and that he was ensuring the implementation of all projects that raise the stature of the homeland and enhance its position among countries of the world, for the good and wellbeing of citizens. Thus, the speech highlighted His Highness’ important approach to development that focuses on investing in the human element as the basis for development process. Therefore, enhancing the capabilities of citizens as well as improving their scientific, academic and training capabilities are given high priority by various concerned agencies in the country, who are guided by the famous words of His Highness: “A homeland without its citizens is worthless, regardless the wealth and natural resources of the land”.

The second approach points to the necessity of diversification of the UAE economy. The President, His Highness, has observed that the implementation of development projects is part of the state initiative to diversify the economy in a way that the country becomes a regional and international center for attracting investment and tourism. Thus, the President is underscoring the need for diversification of resources of national production and income, so that the national economy is not predominantly dependent on one commodity, like oil.

It is a fact that the UAE has taken firm steps in the direction of diversifying its economic base by encouraging investment in productive sectors that have expanded since the beginning of the development process. The third approach is the economic openness toward the outside world. The President, His Highness, has said that the projects mark an important step in the context of the economic policy of openness being pursued by the country, and confirms to the world that the UAE is open to forging partnerships and economic cooperation with it at various levels. Through this, he is confirming the need to benefit from different development initiatives, in accordance with the specific realities of the UAE and its cultural, social and economic particularities. In addition, he is also affirming the importance of partnership with the outside world and in benefiting from the capabilities and experiences that giant international corporations have to offer in support of the development project in the UAE.

The fourth point refers to providing an infrastructure base that would serve as launch pad for any long-term development and strategic planning. The President, His Highness has instructed the concerned agencies to focus on developing fundamental and service-related infrastructure in accordance with existing international standards. Thus, he is mindful of the important fact that planning for major national projects requires a strong infrastructure base. In other words, the development of infrastructure is a long-term investment that should meet special needs for pushing forward the wheel of economic progress in the UAE.