Dimensions of Gulf in UAe Foreign Policy

  • 5 December 2007

The statement of the President, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan (God bless him), delivered on his arrival in Doha—where he participated at the 28th Gulf summit that concluded yesterday—reveals the special place accorded to the Gulf dimension in the UAE’s foreign policy. In the statement, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa reiterated the UAE’s continued support to the GCC and its unstinted efforts toward building united positions, as well as coordinating and facilitating negotiations on all matters related to the GCC. On the sidelines of the summit, His Highness pointed out that the situation and events taking place at the time of the summit are of great significance at the regional and international levels. His Highness said that this fact obliges us to arrive at a collective viewpoint, in order to guide us to joint action in order to promote our security and stability.

Actually, these statements reaffirm the views of His Highness on the importance of cooperation with brothers in the Arab Gulf countries under the patronage of the GCC, and in the context of the support for joint Arab actions. This point of view, which have determined the priorities at the UAE Foreign Affairs on the Gulf and Arab levels are reflected in different positions that reconfirm the adherence of the UAE and its wise leadership to the development of Gulf cooperation, in addition to joint Arab cooperation.

On the other hand, these important statements have confirmed the adherence of the UAE to the active role of the GCC in various spheres and for uniting positions in coordinating and negotiating all affairs of the GCC to develop a common vision and collective confidence of its countries and people. In addition, the statements of the President, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, delivered at the Gulf reflects a deep consciousness of the UAE that this summit is being held at an important time and in the light of different recent developments taking place in our region and around the world. This fact underscores the necessity for reaching a collective vision and requisite uniting of efforts and coordination of positions on all levels in order to keep the region away from any negative results or reflections of these developments.

The UAE, which celebrates the 36th anniversary of its union, is aware of the importance of collective Gulf action and adheres to the support and to the development of anything that can develop joint Arab efforts. Undoubtedly, the cooperation with the brothers in the GCC is the basis for matters related to Gulf foreign affairs.