Desperate Acts of Terrorism in Iraq

  • 10 December 2009

Terrorist bombings that rocked Baghdad day before yesterday, killing about 112 people and injuring over 450 others, reflect a desperate attempt by forces of violence and terrorism to scuttle the progress made by the Iraqi political process. It has to be noted that these blast came only two days after the Iraqi parliament passed the electoral law after lengthy deliberations, and after agreement on the date for elections, which are now scheduled to be held on March 17. The blasts show that there are some elements that resent any positive developments in Iraq, and want to abort them by creating a climate of violence and instability to achieve their interests that contradict the objectives of Iraqi people and interests.

Events unfolding in the Iraqi arena in recent months point to the fact that the country is vacillating in making a choice between two directions, the first seeks to draw Iraq out of its impasse, and wants to settle any disputes through dialogue and within constitutional and institutional frameworks. The second course wants to restore matters and prevent any step that could strengthen values of coexistence, citizenship and dialogue, and end the chapter of bloodshed and devastation that Iraq has experienced since 2003. Despite the enormous destruction and bloodshed caused by terrorists that Iraqi people are paying with their lives, and at the expense of their security, development and future forces of terrorism and extremism have not succeeded in achieving their objectives or in imposing their agenda on Iraq and its people. Progress has been made despite some disputes and clashes. Several positive political changes have been made to overcome the overbearing ethnic and sectarian strife. The last provincial elections results clearly confirm this matter, as well as the composition of the existing political alliances on the Iraqi arena.

Therefore, terrorists groups seem keen to carry out large operations by killing more people in a desperate attempt to stop the progress of freeing the impasse, as it is clear that the recent operation aims to hinder the election process and send out a bloody message to Iraqi people, such as going to polls involves great risk. It is also clear that forces of terrorism will try to disrupt elections in March by all possible means, which places a great burden on Iraqi security authorities to confront these forces and foil their plans. The most powerful measure against terrorist operations in Iraq would be that all Iraqi political forces resort to dialogue, coexistence and keenness in conducting elections in time, with greater determination.