“Coronavirus” Is Under Control in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates has dealt with the coronavirus pandemic professionally, demonstrating the country’s readiness to deal with such a crisis.  This has lead to a reduction in the number of persons infected by the virus in the UAE, a state in which more than 200 different nationalities live. The effectiveness in dealing with the crisis confirms that the UAE achieved high ratings in various fields not by coincidence, but through determined efforts and careful planning.

The UAE has professionally managed the coronavirus crisis, showing the strength and resilience of the country’s various agencies. These agencies were established by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan (may God rest his soul in peace) while laying the very first foundations of the UAE. The UAE’s current wise leadership, represented by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE (may God protect him), follows and promotes the same approach and believes that institutionalism constitutes a solid foundation for building a modern country. In this context, we would like to point out that the UAE, with its firmly established institutions, has an integrated system for epidemiological investigation where all agencies cooperate to spot and deal with any suspected or confirmed coronavirus case. This comprehensive system uses specific standards and mechanisms, including isolating, quarantining, and contact tracing.

The UAE has been transparent in dealing with the infected cases discovered inside its borders. It never hesitated to announce that the virus reached its borders from affected countries. This transparent approach, adopted by the nation’s competent agencies, prevented the spread of misinformation, as was witnessed in several countries that lacked transparency in their management of the crisis.

The UAE has taken a strong approach in dealing with the pandemic. It has put in place many decisive measures since the announcement about the discovery of infected cases in the country. For example, government and private health facilities and laboratories are now fully equipped to carry out thousands of virus tests. Moreover, the UAE has set up temperature checks at all points of entry to test individuals coming from countries hit with a large number of infected cases. More than 32 temperature checking devices have been deployed at land, air and sea terminals for this purpose.

The UAE has not only immunized itself against this imminent danger, but has also made every possible effort to help friendly and brotherly countries in this time of need. For example, it launched an amazing initiative to evacuate the subjects of some friendly and brotherly countries from Hubei Province in China, the epicenter of coronavirus. The UAE established a preventive healthcare center as part of the “International Humanitarian City” in Abu Dhabi to provide those rescued with medical checks and treatment to ensure their safety. This Center, which applies the highest international health and safety standards, embodies UAE’s humanitarian efforts and promotes solidarity among peoples and communities in crises and calamities.

The UAE has been a role model in dealing with the coronavirus crisis. It has shown that it is fully prepared to deal with such a large-scale crisis, a true testament to the strength and capabilities of its institutions. Through its effective management of the pandemic, the UAE has also confirmed its sense of responsibility to its friends and brothers, exhibiting the country’s deeply rooted humanitarian-based domestic and foreign policy, which began at the creation of the UAE in December 1971.