Contributing Actively toward Building UAE’s Human Resources

  • 23 September 2014

The ECSSR has made regular contributions toward the UAE’s efforts to develop human resource so that they effectively participate in the country’s development and place it among league of developed nations. The Center realizes that developing human resource is the key to succeeding in any development efforts and has given education the top priority since its inception 20 years ago. It has undertaken a lot of research and scientific studies for the advancement of education, which leads to inclusive and sustainable development. The ECSSR 5th Annual Education Conference, which gets underway on Tuesday, is part of this approach.

The conference – Education and Educators: Creating a Culture of Excellence in the Classroom – will raise critical issues related to education. It will address two major components of education – education and educators. It will highlight that educator carries weight as the link between various aspects of educational process and that creating such a strong link is crucial to the success of the entire process. Without qualified teachers, other components of educational process would simply become worthless. Institutions, facilities, equipment, and advanced curricula won’t be of great importance if the teachers are not capable of using them effectively to reach out to students. The conference is devoting several sessions to discussing issues related to teachers in the UAE, their training and advancement and how best to benefit from successful international experiments in this regard.

It also wishes to focus on ‘Creating a Culture of Excellence in the Classroom’, which has its own implications. It conforms to the general trend in the UAE, which adopts culture of excellence as an approach toward developing institutional and social performance. The country has announced several awards to honor outstanding employees in ministries and government bodies including the ‘UAE Government Excellence Award’ and ‘The Sheikh Khalifa Government Excellence Programme’. These awards have greatly influenced the performance of employees and have given them the incentive to innovate, excel and to serve the country to the best of their abilities. This has helped the UAE achieve first rank in government efficiency (2013-2014) as per the ‘World Competitiveness Yearbook’ released by the Institute for Management Development (IMD) Lausanne, Switzerland.

The ECSSR taking up the theme of ‘Creating a Culture of Excellence in the Classroom’ as an approach toward advancement of education is extremely important. Encouraging and motivating employees in the field of education, as well as students, to boost their performance and contribute to the advancement of the system of education has been a mechanism that has been tried, with great success, across different sectors. It is bound to play a critical role in taking the educational system forward and making it capable of keeping up with the requirements of development, which the Emirati society is striving to achieve by churning out qualified and distinguished cadres in all spheres of activities.