Constants Affirm UAE Foreign Policy

  • 4 October 2009

Statements made by Foreign Minister His Highness Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, during his recent visit to Mexico, reflect the salient features of the country's foreign policy. His Highness confirmed that the UAE’s keenness to build bridges of cooperation, and maintain cultural and economic exchanges with various countries and peoples around the world, under its policy of openness helps economic and human development and promotes peace and harmony among nations of the world and its peoples.

These statements point to many of the salient features and governing directives of UAE's foreign policy. First among them is stability in relations with various powers of the world, which enhances the state’s influence, options and areas for political and diplomatic movement. Undoubtedly, this principle has produced strong and effective relations of the UAE with most countries of the world. The second principle is, openness to the world and coexistence with different cultures and civilizations, which reflects the commendable mission of the State to work for global peace, through establishment of strong relationships and channels of communication with different countries of the world—east and west, north and south—in the spirit of building an atmosphere of peace, understanding and dialogue at the global level.

The third principle lies in comprehensiveness of foreign policy, where the state works toward building an integrated network of relations with the outside world that is not limited to political relations, but extend to a variety of areas like economy, culture, science and others. It rises from the conviction that each of these fields adds a new dimension to its external relations. This was made clear in discussions of H.H. Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan and his delegation with Mexican officials recently, where he discussed ways of boosting economic cooperation between the two countries in many areas—like tourism, renewable energy, construction, agriculture and insurance sectors. They also discussed means for greater cooperation through new investment projects by taking advantage of the existing potentials and by encouraging businessmen and entrepreneurs in the two countries to profit from existing investment opportunities.

The Mexican President’s remarks reflected the appreciation and trust of his country in the UAE, and its desire to strengthen the cooperation. The Mexican President expressly stated his country's desire to manage its trade and investment relations with the UAE through conclusion of bilateral agreements in the future. He also praised the favorable regulations and laws of investments and trade implemented by the UAE. It is noteworthy that the UAE’s foreign policy is integrated with its domestic development plans, as the foreign policy serves and supports them. Perhaps the success in becoming the seat for the headquarters of The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) in Abu Dhabi clearly testifies this fact.