Constant UAE Support for Regional Security and Stability

  • 24 December 2009

Statements made by the President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, during his meeting with the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, who visited the UAE recently, reveals an important aspect of the UAE’s political standing since its inception. One of the reasons for the UAE gaining acceptance and respect in the regional and international arena has been its constant support for peace initiatives. His Highness said that the UAE supports Egyptian efforts aimed at reconciliation among Palestinian people and stresses the need to revive the peace process for a comprehensive settlement in the Middle East. 

The UAE is a symbol of peace, security and stability and contributes positively to serve this cause. The country always supports reconciliation efforts in the Middle East, whether they are aimed at the different factions inside one country – like Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Somalia and Sudan – or between various countries. It has always been keen to settle differences within the framework of peace and stands behind peace efforts between Arabs and Israel. However, it is only fair and comprehensive peace that can ensure Arab rights and lead to the establishment of a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital. The country also supports efforts being made for peace and stability in conflict and war zones all over the world whether through its armed forces or developmental aid. These efforts are aimed at developing cooperation and eradicating the roots of conflicts.

The UAE’s unwavering support for peace and cooperation intertwines with its policy of giving priority to developments that help human beings raise their standard and ensuring investment into present and future generations. This offsets the possibility of dispute that can otherwise destroy material and human resources and leave future generations with a legacy of hostility, animosity and hatred. These principles have guided the UAE’s foreign policy since 1971 regardless of the severity and complexity of situations, despite the major transformations taking place all over the world, and despite the many wars witnessed by the Gulf region in recent years.

The UAE believes that every problem can be solved through negotiations provided there is a willingness among the parties involved. The country is confident of its peaceful approach and its ability to defend its territories and the interests of its people. It believes that the Middle East conflict is the main source that leads to violence, extremism and terrorism and a just solution of the Palestinian issue will herald a new beginning for the region based on peace, security and peaceful coexistence. However, if a solution is not found, the entire region will remain on the brink of disaster.