Constant UAE Support for Lebanon

  • 5 July 2010

His Highness General Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, and President of ECSSR, expressed the UAE’s firm support for Lebanon during a meeting with the country’s Prime Minister Sa’ad Hariri on Saturday. He said that the UAE stands by Lebanon and supports its people in their efforts to build a safe and stable country. UAE has had a major presence in the various crises that Lebanon has endured over the years. It left no stone unturned as part of the Arab efforts to broker an agreement among the various Lebanese parties. The UAE has done everything it could to unify the country and mobilize their energies till it overcame the various challenges. Harmony now prevails between the different powers under Sa’ad Hariri’s government and the UAE’s leadership extends all possible support to Lebanon so that it achieves its targets for the sake of the progress and prosperity of its people.

Following the Israeli war of 2006, the UAE participated in the reconstruction efforts in Lebanon. It launched a large project to help the country tide over the tragic consequences of this war. The project achieved significant results in various areas and alleviated the suffering of thousands of Lebanese people displaced by the war. The UAE also helped re-build the infrastructure that was destroyed by war. It removed hundreds of thousands of mines, cluster bombs and suspicious objects left behind by this war which minimized the loss of human lives. This also ensured freedom of movement for its citizens and enabled them to use large parts of their property and agricultural fields. The Lebanese Prime Minister hailed UAE’s leadership for its continuous support for Lebanon under difficult circumstances thereby helping the country’s unity and ensuring its security. It has also emphasized the importance of UAE’s role in Lebanon in support of both the country and its people.

The UAE’s firm and continuous support to Lebanon clearly highlights two key facts. Firstly, the UAE has always stood side-by-side other Arab countries in extending a hand of support whenever Lebanon has faced any crisis. This is because the UAE firmly believes that the concept of Arab solidarity is in the interest of the entire Arab world. Such an approach has been made possible due to the consistent policies adopted by our wise leadership led by the President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan. This is also consistent with the UAE calling for peace in the region and supporting its security and stability. When the country joins hands to solve crises in the Arab world, they apply to both to certain countries and the region in general because the UAE essentially stands for peace and maintaining security.