Confirmation of the UAE Constant Stances

  • 1 October 2007

His Highness Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the UAE Minister of Foreign Affairs, reiterated the constant foreign policy positions of the United Arab Emirates that have distinguished it since its foundation in 1971, in his recent speech at the United Nations General Assembly in New York. His speech was noteworthy for the perspicuity of its vision, its important message, and its comprehensive scope.

The clear vision was manifested in the explicit and unequivocal position on many important issues stated by His Highness, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and the sincere and cogent proposal made for settling them. It was clearly evident in the call made by His Highness to Iran for entering into direct and unconditional negotiations with the UAE, for finding a just and permanent solution, either through an Iranian withdrawal from the three occupied UAE islands (Abu Moussa, Greater and Lesser Tunbs), the UAE’s regional waters, the continental reef and economic area, or through acceptance of the judicial decision of the International Court of Justice on this matter. He also clarified that peace among Arabs and Israel is linked to Israel’s acceptance of the Arab Peace Initiative and the importance of having the proposed peace conference in autumn reach a permanent, comprehensive, and fair solution to the peace process at all levels. He urged all countries to commit themselves to the sovereignty, unity, and identity of Iraq and the rejection of any moves toward its partition. He also called for a commitment to keep the Middle East free of weapons of mass destruction.

As regards the comprehensiveness of the speech, it was evident from the link His Highness, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, established between development and the culture of peace across the globe. He highlighted the role played by the Emirates in supporting global development projects, by informing that its grant of loans and economic aid is currently worth US $70 billion and benefits over 95 countries around the world. In addition, H.H Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan linked the campaign against terrorism to the enhancement of dialogue among different cultures and strengthening the concepts of tolerance among religions, because an effective confrontation against terrorism would require a comprehensive approach, employing various means and methods.

Perhaps the most important matter raised by His Highness, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, was in his presentation of the UAE as a model for the modern age, in that it nestles different races, religions, and cultures that coexist in harmony. This aspect is of special importance, in light of the existing sectarian, racial, and nationalistic tensions around the world, which are threatening its security and stability.

The speech of H.H Sheikh Abdullah in font of the United Nations General Assembly testifies to the respect the world accords to the UAE, and its appreciation for the country’s policies and vision. The speech was a clear expression of the wisdom and farsightedness of UAE’s diplomacy, which has always been its hallmark.